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12 Things Not to Buy At Walmart?

Buy At Walmart

Walmart lovers must hate knowing that there are things you shouldn’t buy at Walmart. Yes it is true, as much as you love that Walmart promo code and wish to get all the groceries from the best departmental store, Walmart isn’t exactly the best place to shop for everything. After all each store has its plus and negative points and there is nothing wrong in buying some products while marking a clear skip on others.



You might have noticed the HD TVs at Walmart on huge discounts and who doesn’t love big TVs in lesser prices. Of course we all do. But there is a fact you must know about TVs sold at Walmart. The HD TVs at Walmart are low in quality as compared to the price you pay for them. Even if you get them at big discounts the quality isn’t still worth it.


Phone Accessories

Big names like Walmart online promo code make their profit through technology items more often than you realize. No matter how sad this sounds, it is true. They offer a lot of discounts, sales and offers on items like clothing, groceries, and other everyday essentials but when it comes to phone accessories this is where the prices aren’t good. Avoid buying phone accessories from Walmart.



Low quality clothing no matter how cheap isn’t worth the hassle. The clothing at Walmart isn’t known for exactly high quality and not even worth the price you pay for it. If you are looking to buy casual clothing that falls in your budget, Walmart isn’t the place you should go. Unless you need to buy school uniforms that too because the quality is standard, don’t opt for buying clothes from Walmart.



Walmart isn’t known for selling refrigerators or washing machines for a reason. Not only does the store have a limited assortment of appliances, but Consumer Reports claims that it’s pricing are nothing near those of larger appliance merchants like Best Buy and Home Depot.



Furniture section at Walmart discount codes is a must skip because of various reasons. Quality furniture, lasts longer, and it may be worth investing more on finer items than what Walmart has to offer. After all it’s about your home and the investment with furniture is no joke. Make sure you opt for things that pay you back in the long term rather than just spending your hard earned money every time you see a piece of furniture that appeals your eye.


Vacuum Cleaners

You should get a vacuum from the same stores where you get amazing bargains on appliances. While other retailers offer a large assortment and reasonable costs, Walmart only provides a tiny variety of items that are overpriced. Vacuums are the least recommended of cleaning supplies to buy from Walmart.


Poultry and Seafood

That’s a concerning concern and it is true for most of the part. The sea food and chicken sold at Walmart hasn’t been popular amongst the buyers. Several have complained about the quality while some don’t find it fresh enough to do the job. The quality of the meat is the most common complaints if we put it categorically and this is a thing every Walmart visitor must pay attention to. Rather than buying frozen meat and poultry from Walmart it would be wise to go for other options.


Video Games

We don’t think a sane person would consider buying video games from Walmart. It doesn’t sound like a wise decision from the sound of it. The only concern related to buying video games at Walmart is that you can get better prices elsewhere. After all we don’t think Walmart is made to sell video games and not grocery and stuff.


We don’t think there should be any compromise when it comes to bedding. Bedding is a highly personal purchase; it’s next to your skin every night, and your comfort is dependent on it. So make the most of it, which may mean purchasing it somewhere other than Walmarts. The bedding at Walmart isn’t exactly what you would find good for your health nor sleep. People have complained about the fabric quality on more than one occasions.


Fresh Produce

Customers haven’t been kind to Walmart’s poultry and meat sections, so it’s no wonder that the vegetable area isn’t very popular. Indeed, according to a grocery shop poll, Walmarts came in last place on the list of retailers with the greatest produce. Both earned poor ratings for the quality and variety of food they provide.


Gift Cards

Every now and again, such as on Black Friday or during an end-of-season sale, Walmart may run a promotion on gift cards that is worth taking advantage of. However, you’ll find greater deals on gift cards in warehouses such as Costco or Sam’s Club, where cash cards are sold at a discount 365 days a year.



Your luggage must be sturdy, strong and reliable. You cannot just compromise your precious items with some basic luggage that won’t be able to uphold the weight for much long. After all investing in the right luggage while taking a trip is worth every penny. It will save you from trouble later on and also help you move from place to place without any worry. A cheap luggage can ruin your entire vacation and there is no doubt about that. And when we talk about cheap luggage, Walmart is definitely the place you should always skip.

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