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Setup of HP printer enables you to access all the features of the printer. You can easily use the printer driver to modify paper, color, settings, and quality while printing web pages, photos, and documents. Below is provided a full guide on hp printer setup. So, if you want to set up an HP printer on different platforms then make sure to read the guide completely.

How to Setup HP Printer on Windows
If you are a windows user and want to set up the HP printer on that. Then, use these steps.

Open the computer.
Access any of your photos or documents.
Head towards the File or menu button.
Thereafter, you need to choose the Print button.
You will see a new window with any of these names Print, Pane, and Print Photo.
It will show you some settings related to the prints.
From the menu section, choose the printer that you will use.
Then, access the Document Properties or Print Settings.
Select 123.hp.com from there.
According to the prints, choose any of the following things.
Click Printer Properties if Word Microsoft performs the print.
Tap Properties for PDF Reader Adobe.
Hit the Basic button for Paint and WordPad
For Windows Photo Viewer, you can choose Printer Properties.
If you want to look for some other settings then move towards the upper part of your screen.
After that, choose the Advanced tab.
You can now head to the Settings part.
Click on the Print Shortcuts button for using shortcuts.

Steps to Conduct Wireless Setup of HP Printer
This procedure involves two steps. So, go through each of them if you want to conduct a wireless setup of an HP printer.

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Step 1: Connect the Printer to Wi-Fi
The user is first required to connect the printer with the local wireless network that is connected with other devices such as your mobile phone and computer.
After that, try out these steps if you need a new router.
If you see the following text on the window “Please enter the WPS PIN for your printer if you receive a message that” then locate the printer to your Wi-Fi router.
Thereafter, enable the printer.
Make sure you have installed the ink cartridges and loaded the system tray with papers.
Now, connect the printer.

If you have a Printer with a touch screen Control Panel, then try out these steps:
Hit the Wireless option on your printer.
Choose Settings.
Thereafter, you need to tap the menu Restore Network Settings.
Make sure to choose the Restore Settings button.
Head towards the network name (SSID) and password.

If you don’t have a touch screen control panel. Then, try out these steps.
First of all, the user needs to press and hold the Wireless button till the light starts blinking.
Now, press and hold wireless and power buttons till a blue light appears.

Step 2: Add Printer to Computer and Mobile
Now, we head towards the second step and try to add a printer to mobile and computer. You can perform as the steps are provided below.
First of all, you need to check the device connected to the wireless network.
Now, head towards the official HP site.
Make sure to provide the model name and number.
Consequently, try to download the driver on your computer or mobile.
Try to access the software.
Go through the installation guide appearing on the screen.
The message titled Confirm Printer PIN will appear on the screen.
You need to enter the PIN as well as your password.

Steps to Set up HP Printer on Mac
Mac users can take help from these steps to set up an HP printer on the device.
First of all, the user is required to connect the printer to the network.
For that, connect the printer with a computer or network.
Now, choose 123.hp.com.setup, Network, and Wireless menu.
Head towards the Wireless Setup Wizard.
Check out the instructions on the screen and try to connect the printer.
Consequently, press and hold the wireless button till you see a blinking light.
On your router, press the WPS button.
Wait till the printer connects with the network.
Try to connect the USB cable and USB port.
You should see a green light and orange light there.
Access the document, print, photo, or any file.
Head towards the Apple’s menu.
Choose System Preferences.
You need to tap Printers & Scanners or Print & Scan.
Just check if the printer name is enlisted or not.
If it is there, remove the same.
Thereafter, try to add it for AirPrint.
Now, move towards the printer name.
Hit on the minus sign and remove the device.
Do the opposite for adding it.
Just click on the printer name now.
Finally, the user is just required to access the document, photo, or any file.

To Conclude!
We believe that the guide has resolved all your queries regarding the setup of the HP printer. However, if there comes any other issues and problems then don’t hesitate to bring them down in the comment box.

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