5 Cutting-Edge Facts of Cosmetic Surgery

The world is often occupied with the chaotic debate regarding the positive and negative aspects of cosmetic surgery. You will come across people like Cardi B who are confident enough to admit underdoing the needle. Then, there are people who you will find in the comment section of now-and-then posts. They bad-mouth celebrities for seeking surgical treatments to enhance their appearance.

In between, some people set an appointment to correct their appearance or physical health. For instance, You experienced a dreadful accident and now have a crooked nose that is making the breathing process a life-and-death challenge. In such a situation, rhinoplasty will present itself as a reconstructive surgery that will restore the form and function of your nose.

Thus, it is necessary to make the negative light fade away from the landscape of cosmetic surgery because it is not always a snooze-fest. Although cosmetic surgery is a modernized treatment to improve the aesthetics of your face, it has a very entertaining history and trending marvels nowadays, which will leave you dazzled!

Here, five interesting, fun facts about cosmetic surgery are discussed you probably never heard of before:

1.      Weird Obsession of Egyptians with Afterlife Experience

Cosmetic surgery goes way back to the deeply lost treasures of Egypt lying in caskets of gigantic pyramids. The fascinating beliefs of the ancient Egyptians gave rise to cosmetic treatments. One of the beliefs concerns the afterlife. They had a firm belief in promoting the experience of the deceased in the afterlife.

Hence, they executed cosmetic enhancement treatments on the bodies of the dead. They used advanced techniques of mummification to preserve the flesh before wrapping the body. No wonder the followers recognized the High Priest Imhotep in The Mummy and restored him to his full glory!

The Egyptians put so much effort into the task owing to the fact that the prominent features and aesthetics of the dead will help their loved ones to recognize them in the afterlife.

2.      Banish the Mark of Shame

Nowadays, people undergo cosmetic treatments such as hydra facial to remove blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars. When the cruel members of society bodyshame you for having a birthmark or a visible defect, your self-esteem crumbles and falls down the cliff. Eventually, you will believe their words and begin to hate yourself for having a tarnished appearance.  There’s when cosmetic surgery presents itself as a celestial solution.

In comparison, the soldiers of the Roman Empire caught on the trend when battle scars were an embodiment of cowardice and shame in the Italian Peninsula. The hideous scars indicated that the soldiers gave up and bent the knee to their enemy or turned his back from the battlefield. Consequently, the soldiers sought the help of cosmetic treatments to remove the marks of shame carved into their flesh by the enemy. It helped them to preserve their reputation and set their eyes on the badge of honor.

3.      The Two Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures

It is evident through Tiktok videos and Instagram posts that the two most popular cosmetic procedures are breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. Breast augmentation is popular in women, while nose correction has become famous among men.

Rhinoplasty in Dubai is performed for both medical and aesthetic purposes. Nose jobs became acceptable and famous, thanks to Michael Jackson. Men are on the lookout for nose correction to resolve their breathing difficulties. In some cases to satisfy wives who complain about their snoring habit. It is also used to cure the physical damage caused due to accidents.

4.      More and More Men are Into Cosmetic Surgery!

It is a no-brainer that cosmetic surgical treatments have been more common among women. A woman obsessed with her youth and physical appearance might have each wall of her house decorated with large mirrors. As she takes a walk through the hall and notices crow’s feet that have sprouted from the corner of her eyes, she lets out a thin shriek!

Women do not like putting up with the signs of aging and spend their monthly savings on slowing down the aging process. Getting rid of the aging lines and controlling other aspects of their appearance become their hobby.

However, men’s interest in cosmetic surgery is blooming and are pulling even in number. The statistics continue to increase. Recently, plastic surgeons have opened centers only for men who don’t want to be seen by women. These plastic surgery clinics offer special care from surgeons specially trained for men’s treatments.

Moreover, many plastic surgery procedures for men and women overlap. The details of the procedures diverge between the genders dramatically. For instance, surgeons proceed meticulously to achieve an intense but refined masculine nose. It differs from the techniques involved in crafting a beautifully balanced feminine nose. Thus, men should choose plastic surgeons who are experienced in conducting plastic surgery procedures for men.

Similarly, in the case of fillers and injections, men require larger doses of Botox to get the same plump effect as women. The reason behind this is that their muscles are not still and larger.

5.      Welcoming Teens to the Club

Social media and selfies people take have fueled the trend of cosmetic surgery among teens and young adults. Surprisingly, a considerable number of teens and young adults are enhancing their facial and body features to get a picture-perfect appearance.

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner present an image of an ideal body. As a result, they are seen as icons among teens who feel encouraged to go under the knife.

The significant features that teens and young adults wish to correct are protruding ears, asymmetrical breasts, scarring, acne, crooked nose and extra fat. They desire to fix these characteristics which consequently, boosts their confidence and improves self-image.

Not What You Expected?

Men and women are following the trends of enhancing the aesthetics of the body. The idealistic reality of social media encourages them to visit fat freezing Dubai clinics or plastic surgery centers for getting fillers to make their lips look plump. No matter what, people of every age went to lengths to restore and preserve the aesthetics.

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