5 Russian slang words that every foreigner should know

Do you want to learn 5 Russian slang words that every foreigner should know? We will teach you those words in this article, so keep reading!

Russian slang

Can’t wait to see top 5 Russian slang words? 

Let’s go! 


1) “Нифига” 

The literal meaning of this word is “absolutely not” or “nothing all”. For example, “я нифига не слышу”, which means “I hear nothing at all”.

Russians use this word in their everyday life quite often so you’d better learn this slang word.


2) “Хрен знает” 

Russian people use this word when they don’t know about something. For instance, “хрен знает, где она!”, which means “I don’t know where she is”.

The literal meaning of “хрен знает” is “horseradish knows”.

You probably know that horseradish is a vegetable and this phrase sounds kinda funny, I know 🙂



3) “Бухать” 

The literal meaning of this word is “to drink alcohol”. The whole world thinks that Russians enjoy drinking alcohol (especially vodka).

For example: “мы сегодня с друзьями бухали

в ресторане” and that actually means: My friends and I were drinking alcohol at the restaurant today”. But keep in mind, that “бухать” is commonly used when it’s about drinking a LOT.



4) “Тупить” 

This verb means “to be dazed or to be slow” or “to be unable to understand something”. Russians daily use this word in their speech and usually, they say

“Я тебе уже много раз это объяснял, не тупи!” which is “I have explained that to you lots of times, don’t be slow on the uptake”


5) “Чувак” 

Russians like calling their male friends “чувак”.

In English, there is exactly the same word in meaning – “dude”.

So I guess you understand in which cases you may use it. BUT take it into account, “чувак” is used only for males!

The way Russian people may call women sometimes you will see in the next point 🙂


Actually, there are many more slang words in the Russian language, but in this video, I have told you about the most popular ones.

To learn some more, read the book “Cyka Blyat! Everyday Russian slang and curse words”. Be sure, if you learn slang, you will make all the locals admire you 🙂

Poka poka!

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