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5 Underrated Lead Generation Techniques That Will Do Wonders

You probably have read about what lead generation is and the crucial role it plays toward driving sales and revenue. And not just one time, but over and over again. So, we are not going to repeat it all here today. Rather, we are going to focus on something that you have missed numerous times.

All this time, you have been working on driving traffic to your website, but that’s not where it ends. People arriving at your website should have clear instructions for what to do next. And when they don’t know what to do, they are left confused, and you lose potential sale points.

Therefore, it is very important to create a clear and concise landing page before implementing a lead generation strategy. For this, you can either set up an in-house team or hire a digital marketing agency to do it for you. However, being a business owner, it still comes down to you to formulate a landing page. The right one will get the message across, add value, tell the visitors how they can benefit from your offering, and what action they need to take next. 

Without further ado, let’s have a look at eight underrated lead generation methods. They can work wonders for your business, no matter the niche, size, or target audience to belong in.


Webinars are quite common these days and nearly everyone is doing them already. But that doesn’t mean that they will reap immediate results too. Most of us have signed for some sort of webinar at some point in life, and very few have gone back and attended them. But that is not what the webinars are for.

The motive behind a free webinar is to create followers that pay attention and remember your brand at least for the next 12 months. Hosting a free webinar is a cost-effective way to generate qualified leads because people who are not interested in your product/service will not attend your webinar in the first place.

Influencer Marketing

Many businesses don’t think of influencer marketing as quite reliable. Sometimes it works, at others, it can backfire too. Also, it can be quite expensive. The key is to choose the right influencer. If you don’t quite have the budget, start with micro-influencers and work your way up as you begin to see results.

Here is how to begin it:

  • Searching out the appropriate influencers
  • Setting a budget strategy
  • Deciding out the goals and messages
  • Connecting and contacting them
  • Reviewing the strategy
  • Tracking the campaign

Once you have gotten the rhythm of it, finding and creating more influencer marketing campaigns will become a lot easier and convenient for you.

Content Management

The long paragraphs have significantly deteriorated over time. The modern world has seen an evolution of content that includes graphics, videos, and animations, and more. There are dedicated platforms for different content types, so make sure to include all of the platforms that are suitable for your business.

Moreover, people continue to scroll down. You can catch their attention by creating puzzle posts or using quizzes, polls, and other forms of engagement tools to make people stop and engage with your content.

Public Speaking

Even the smartest digital experts fear public speaking, and that is one aspect where they are missing out on. You can master it through practice, begin from small audiences, and move towards the bigger ones. This extra effort will pay off once you establish your authority in your niche and connect with your prospects at a deeper, emotional level. This will strengthen your brand outreach and community engagement.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn has remained a dark horse for a long time, while Facebook and Instagram took all the limelight. However, the truth is, there are over 303 million active users per month, and most of them are looking for active collaborations. Along with that, one can begin to publish articles, post daily updates, join groups, engage with targeted users to mark your presence. While these are mostly free, there are other paid options to generate leads. Sponsored email, sponsored posts, Lead Gen Forms, dynamic Ads are some ways to invest in lead generation.

Lead generation agencies can help businesses widen their marketing horizon and rely on LinkedIn automation tools to maximize reach for their campaigns. Load Boxer, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Scrapp.io, Crystal have widely used automation tools. It is a goldmine that is waiting to be explored.

The Takeaway

It is important to identify and explore underrated lead generation methods because only a few people are doing it, and your prospects won’t see it coming. The best part is these practices are organic, cost-effective, and work most of the time. Adopt and implement today to reap benefits tomorrow.

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