Ways to Make Money as a writer

5 Ways to Make Money with Your Writing Skills

Most writers don’t make much money. They don’t get rich unless you’re someone who wrote about magical worlds, wizards, and Muggles, aka JK Rowling. The reality is that money is not part of the package of becoming a successful writer. Some writers make money out of their skills, but they do so with a bit of luck and opportunity on their sides. Most writers don’t get that chance no matter how hard they try. But at the same time, when you are a writer, you will never go hungry. As much as they don’t pay writers enough, they also need writers so much.

Writers are in demand right now. Whether it’s writing a business blog or a press release, writers are at the core of the digital revolution. The demand for content writers is so big that dedicated job sites are looking for freelance writers who can work full-time on various projects.

You can make this a full-time job or a side hustle. Writing will not make you rich, but it will put food on the table plus a bit of saving in your bank account. If you’re smart enough to make the right decisions and trudge the path, you might even find it a profitable hobby, interest, and passion.


Publish a Book

Most writers are good researchers, too. That’s part of being a writer—reading journals, analyzing statistics, and forming opinions about various things. What is your niche? Can you write a 50-page book about the benefits of gardening? Do you have what it takes to research the rise of digital marketing in developing countries? No matter what topic you can think of, someone out there needs your thoughts. People are willing to pay good money for the knowledge that you can impart.

The fact that you don’t have to run after editors and publishers now makes it all the better. You can look for a self-publishing company that can guide you in publishing your book. The challenges aren’t the same as being published by Penguin Random House. You can get your books to your audience in a few weeks or months as opposed to getting them rejected by publishing houses.


Write for Blogs, Magazines, and Journals

There’s apparently content fatigue all over the world, but is that true? Websites and social media channels without new content will die. Businesses must keep publishing new content on their websites and social media profiles or risk being forgotten by their audience. Many companies are willing to pay good money for your articles. Find an organization that suits your demands for compensation and benefits. You can freelance and work for multiple clients. You can also sign a contract and write for one company.


Start a Blog

Writers should have their own blogs. If you’re creating content for someone else’s blog, that someone else is earning more than you. Why not start your own blog and watch your profit grow? You don’t need technical skills and know-how to create a blog. All you need is a domain, some templates, and you can blog away. Of course, don’t forget to monetize your blog. Allow ads and make reviews of products. Connect with your audience and become an influential blogger.


Review Products

Companies pay writers to review their products. Legitimate and reputable ones won’t even ask you to write glowing reviews of their products. They are confident enough that these products will be impressive. You can either publish these reviews on your own blog or sell the reviews to the manufacturers. Some will even want you to leave reviews right on the product pages themselves.

Besides reviewing products, another popular way to earn from your opinions is by reviewing books and movies. Since you’re spending much time reading and watching, why not turn that into a moneymaking activity? You can even compile your reviews and publish them as an ebook.


Become a Web Copywriter

One of the most profitable writing jobs right now is that of the copywriter. You surely have visited websites whose product descriptions make you say wow. These are fun and engaging descriptions of the products, you might say. That is the work of a copywriter. They produce content that will focus on the branding of a business. They work together with marketers to form one cohesive thought for a brand.

 Being a writer is hard work. There are a lot of challenges and heartbreaks. Not to mention, there are many times the pay will not be good. But the digital revolution and the boom of the internet made writers front and center of every marketing and advertising strategy. From content writing to public relations to social media management, you will never lack good opportunities when you’re a writer right now.

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