7 best simulation games for Android! You Should Play Right Now!!

Simulations games have been an extremely popular part of the Millenial culture. One of the reasons might be our love for control. can’t all drive airplanes nor can we perform surgery but if these things fascinate us we can play simulation games to have a similar if not the same experience. Simulation games let us enjoy the pleasurable aspects of the activities without stress and anxiety. They provide us with a safe way to experience real-world situations and activities in a controlled way. With AI and Virtual reality games, the simulation games have achieved an unpredicted level in a very short period. But all those gaming consoles, VR headsets, and similar gaming gear can burn quite a real hole in your bank account. But you can enjoy simulation without breaking your bank account right from the comfort of your Android. I am in no way saying that the experience will be the same as gaming consoles but hey, you get what you pay for. And some of these games are enjoyable on their own.

So here is a list of simulation games available on play store


1. Prison Empire Tycoon – Idle Game By Codigames

Playstore Rating – 4.3

Cost – Free to Install with In-app purchases

I know there is an abundance of tycoon games in the play store. You can become a virtual hotel tycoon, restaurant tycoon, or hospital tycoon. But prison tycoon stood out to me. Players start with being in charge of a small prison and build their way up to the highest security prison that houses the most dangerous prisoners. Some of the other things players will be responsible for if they are: inmates’ basic needs, managing the prison staff, invest and upgrade prison facilities, keep your prison safe and secure, wisely solve the dispute to keep up the prison’s reputation. I like the game for its uniqueness.


2. Flight Pilot Simulator 3D

Playstore Rating – 4.2

This flight simulation game is one of the most popular simulation games on the play store. Enjoy conquering the skies with its amazing graphics and cool animations. The game has quite a versatile range of real-life like planes to choose from: from single-engine props to supersonic jets and from airliners to military aircraft. Varieties of challenging missions too keep you entertained include emergencies, rescue missions (save children, women and young boys and girls!), rough landings, fires, races. Use the free flight mode to explore a map that comes with tons of surprises.


3. Game Dev Tycoon

Play store rating – 4.8

Cost – INR 480

Ever wondered what is it like to be a game developer? If yes then you should try this simulation game that allows you a peep into the world of game developers. The game is set in the 1980s when the players start their own game development company. This way your company evolves with technology. Create games, research the newest technologies to stay relevant in the gaming world, the market your business using the latest techniques, and expand your modest company to become a gaming tycoon. This is one of the highest-rated games on the list but according to me still underrated in terms of popularity. If it sounds interesting to you then it is worth a try.


4. Mini Metro

Play store rating – 4.6

Cost – INR 30

Mini Metro is quite a popular subway simulator. Players have to design a subway map for a fast developing city. But there are various challenges that they require to overcome if they want to create a well-organized subway system that runs smoothly. Each game is unique as the city grows randomly. There are different modes for different moods of players. The endless mode is when the player just wants to relax and play and the extreme mode when you are feeling like dealing with some additional challenges.


5. Pocket City

Play store rating – 4.5

Cost – There is a free game and the paid version is for INR 260

Pocket city is similar to Simcity and I didn’t add that on the list because it is already popular and Pocket city seemed a little underrated to me. You are the Mayor of a small city that will of prosper under your jurisdiction. From designing to running it is all on you. Your responsibility includes the creation of different zones (Commercial, Residential, and Industrial), build recreational sites like parks, and deal with crimes and disasters to maintain order in your city. Sounds interesting, right? Well, it is one of the personal favorites. The paid version has more features and no annoying ads.


6. Farming Simulator 20

Play store rating – 4.1

Cost – INR 500

Farming Simulator 20 is the creation of game developer Giants Software that is known for a series of farming simulator games. Farming Simulator 20 is the most popular game in the series. Unlike this one other game in the series are mostly free to install. If you wish to play a little countryside farming game than it doesn’t get more realistic than this one. Grow and harvest crops, take care of livestock, and pass your time riding horses. You get to sell the products you grow in a dynamic market. Later use the money to invest and expand your little farm. The game has over 100 vehicles, added varieties of crops and livestock, and better graphics than any of its predecessors.


7. Bid Wars: Pawn Empire – Storage Auction Simulator

Play store rating – 4.3

Cost – Free with In-app purchases

Bid wars are also one of the personal favorites. Storage Auction is quite a thing in the US. And movies make them seem quite interesting. Bid wars simulate storage auctions. It has quite amazingly captured the essence and the balance of the adrenaline during the auction and the mysterious things you can get in them. The game with its unique character and story provides a really interesting gameplay experience. There are a variety of such games available on the play store but my personal favorite is the one by game developer Tapps Games.

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