7 home-office ideas for small spaces. Suggestions

small spaces

Creativity stems from paucity – excitingly visible in these minimalistic WFH setups.

Whether you like it or not, you can’t escape from a home-office these days. The work-from-home-office (WFH) concept is not new by any means. It’s a tried and tested technique which was very much in practice earlier, but not with the same magnitude as it is now. Today, a home-office is a necessity, more so because of the Covid–19 onslaught. However, not all of us are blessed with a large abode. We mostly dwell in apartments, penthouses, or single family detached homes. Even makeshift dwellings aren’t uncommon. So, it takes a lot of creativity and space management to curate a home-office in small spaces.


Here, we would like to present 7 creative WFH setups for small spaces!

Use the hallway

The hallway can be a wonderful area for working, especially if you want to avoid the feeling of seclusion. Hallway home-offices can be set up with minimum fuss. But, modern wisdom says that every workplace has to be ergonomic. So, you may place a sit and stand desk in a nook or corner of the hallway. And it would be great if you place an ergonomic footrest under your desk. Even a small table can be used as your workstation, but please keep the ergonomic aspect in mind.


The kitchen is wonderful too!

Since all homes are not spacious, their kitchens can be excellent areas for a WFH setup. A creative way to go about it is to place a table and a chair in any corner of the kitchen. Once you’re done with your work, you can remove the chair and push the table close to the walls. If you want to go ergonomic, then consider using an ergonomic stain-free desk in a kitchen WFH setup.


How about the space under the staircase?

Some apartments and small houses are marked by a staircase. Well, the space underneath a staircase can be used as a cosy home-office. You may place a table and a chair near the wall, and it’ll be more than wonderful if your furniture is ergonomic. A mesh chair carried by five-wheels and a stain free desk can will make a good combo for this WFH setting.


Hey, have you thought of the dressing table?

A dressing table can be an ideal twin arrangement for a workstation and grooming. All you need to do is place a comfortable chair near the tabletop and work towards glory. A great way to save space is to float the desk. If your desk is floated at the ideal height, you will easily beat the slouch. If floating the desk is tedious, then you may consider using an ergonomic desk converter, which is height adjustable.


The serene bedroom

You may consider using a chestnut drawer or a wall mounted unit  -right next to your bed- as your home-office. An ergonomic stool can be a wonderful perch option in this WFH setup, as it allows you to stretch and swivel with ease. It will foster a good posture and wipe-off your back pains as well.


Paints can do the trick!

It’s not that your house has unpainted areas too! We’re categorically talking of the areas which are painted with your favourite colours and hues. WFH in such areas will enlighten your mood and bolster productivity. Light blue, white, and azure themes can make your home-office colourfully soothing. What remains is ergonomic furniture such as a sit and stand desk, ergo stool, desk chair, or a converter. This will guarantee a blissful WFH experience.   


The unused cupboard!

And you thought that the unused cupboard was redundant. Not at all. It has ample space to accommodate your laptop, or even a desktop and mouse. But we suggest that you pep it up with an ergonomic keyboard, ergo mouse, and an ergo mouse pad. And talking of the perch, an ergo stool is the best option here as well.



Small spaces shouldn’t dissuade you from setting up a home-office. The creative ideas that we have shared with you are not out of a gospel, but they can be creative options for WFH.

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