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7 things you should not ignore while buying the bed mattress

There is no doubt that people often spend a lot of time on their bed compared to any other type of furniture in their home. A sound and comfortable sleep have a re-energising and refreshing effect. This is why you must take the mattress selection process seriously while shopping for one. 

Whether you intend to buy a double or single bed mattress, Sleepyhead or Springtek mattress, you must be aware of the seven factors that you must not ignore while purchasing the perfect mattress for your needs. Let’s take a look:

  • One of the most crucial things to contemplate is your level of comfort. Even if you are about to purchase the most expensive mattress, there is no guarantee that the product will offer you the best sleeping experience of your life, especially if you’re not comfortable on the mattress. Ultimately the comfort level on a mattress boils down to few other determinants, such as the type of materials used, mattress size and firmness.
  • Never go for a mattress, assuming that it will be suitable for everyone. Whenever you are shopping for a double or single bed mattress, always remember to look out for the most suitable mattress for your body structure instead of considering mattresses that some pseudo-experts praise as the best on the mattress market.
  • Find the appropriate mattress type for your requirements. If you ever notice or feel that you are getting restrained by a narrow single bed mattress, then you might need to consider a sizeable double mattress. A queen size mattress may get a bit larger for a single person, but it would be a great choice if you enjoy the extra space or intend to future proof your purchase. A King-sized mattress is made for couples and master bedrooms and provides plenty of room for sleeping partners. You must be aware that moving a mattress this big can present some difficulties if not handled correctly.
  • Firmness labels on products are not always very accurate unless you are considering a Springtek mattress. One manufacturer’s extra firm product may be comparable to another manufacturer’s medium-firm variant. You need to be careful and avoid trusting these labels completely.
  • Most bed and mattress shops will let you lie down on the mattress so that you can test it. But you must keep in mind that a mattress is something you will use daily for at least 6-8 hours for the next 5-7 years and will get subjected to lots of wear and tear during usage. We strongly suggest you check consumer mattress feedbacks, expert reviews, especially when buying online. Since all new products look and feel good, you must check those reviews and feedback to get a more practical idea about the mattress performance down the line. It will help you by giving a more realistic idea about the mattresses you are about to purchase.
  • A firmer mattress is not always a better product. In reality, you need sufficient firmness to properly support your neck, spine and other parts of your body. On the other hand, excessive firmness can lead to uncomfortable pressure points and stop your spine from keeping its natural curve while you sleep.
  • An adaptable air mattress is a safe but costly option. As you can customise the softness and firmness with a remote, this flexibility factor makes the product safer even without testing the mattress first. But an adjustable mattress can be a costly option for most buyers; in such a scenario, a multi-zoned mattress can be a good alternative. Multi-zoned mattresses come with different support zones, it will be softer at the shoulders and hips but firmer at the mid-spine area.

If you think that it is about time to get a new double or single bed mattress due to smell, age, poor comfort or neck and back pain or any other reasons, then there are several factors to consider, which we have covered above. Be it a Wakefit, Sleepycat or Springtek mattress, you must check the above guidelines before purchasing.

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