A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ad Formats

Not all Facebook advertisements capture attention. Users don’t have enough time to go through these ads. Some of them might even decide to skip the ads and browse the next information on the feed. Businesses that utilize Facebook for advertising purposes have to understand how to capture people’s attention. Advertising on this platform doesn’t come free. Therefore, businesses shouldn’t waste the opportunity by using the wrong ads. There are different Facebook ad formats available like the ones listed below. Some of them are effective based on what the target audiences want and their overall behavior. The good thing is that there are social media Las Vegas agencies that can help. They know which Facebook ad format is suitable for the company’s target audiences. 


Single image ads

This simple advertisement format might be good enough in some instances. The images contain everything that people need to know. It can be a poster that includes every essential detail. The pictures should be captivating enough, and it’s the perfect representation of the business. When used properly, this format can attract attention.


Video ads

The good thing about using videos is that people will get more information within a few seconds. Some video ads can even go viral with the right content. The only issue is that this is the most popular type of advertisement format on various platforms. Some people already anticipate these videos and might immediately skip them upon seeing one. The key to success in using this format is by creating an irresistible video. A lot of people have hours of free time to browse their Facebook accounts. They’re willing to spend time watching these videos if they find them interesting. 


Canvas ads

This format is useful in bringing the advertisement to life. They are also fully mobile-optimized. Ads that follow this format load ten times faster than a standard mobile web. There are also different image layouts to choose from. Users can swipe through multiple images, tilt the images or zoom them in. The pictures may also include links for people who want to know more about the products.


Carousel ads

This format is one of the oldest options available. It has been around since 2014. The good thing about using this strategy is that the images and videos appear in a single ad unit. It’s perfect for businesses deciding to promote multiple products and services. Users can’t even click directly on the products and purchase them.


Collection ads 

This strategy combines videos and images. When people see the videos and decide to buy the products, they can do it right away. They have the opportunity to browse the images and know more about the products. It also works for companies with multiple offers. This format is engaging and attracts more attention.



This format is one of the most popular choices among advertisers. The good thing about slideshows is that they combine different features such as text, sounds, videos, and images. They are also designed for mobile device users. People who use 2G or 3G data can easily access the advertisements. Even if they don’t have a quick Internet speed, they can still view the ad without the problem. This format guarantees an 85% increase in return of investment and a 40% higher click-through rate. There’s no doubt why this format is one of the best options among advertisers.


Determine what works best for the target audiences

The key to creating successful Facebook advertising is understanding what the target audiences want. It depends on the demographic group and their location. It also depends on their habit of using social media. When the target audiences don’t have enough time to browse social media pages, the advertisements should be short and straight to the point. There might also be some people who live in places without a quality Internet connection. Formats that allow them to view the ads despite having slow Internet would be helpful.


Set a budget

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms available. It means that advertising through Facebook will cost the business a lot of money. Therefore, it’s essential to be smart and determining how much to spend when advertising on Facebook. There are options to set a daily budget or advertise for a lifetime. It also involves a bidding process. The company that offers the best bid will win the day. Setting a budget to hire an agency for social media Las Vegas is also useful.


Identify the objectives 

Just because the company decides to advertise on Facebook doesn’t mean it will become a big business right away. There are different objectives for advertising. Some companies do it for brand awareness. They don’t have enough customers yet, and they need people to know that the business exists. It might also be about an increase in traffic. It’s great to advertise on Facebook, so the website receives more traffic and ranks even higher in search engines. It allows more people to see the website in the future. Ultimately though, the goal is to increase the conversion rate. It helps to advertise on Facebook so more people will feel convinced to buy the products and services. It’s not easy to convince them to buy, and these ads might help.


Ask help from a social media agency

Understanding different strategies to advertise on social media can be exhausting. Apart from Facebook, there are other platforms out there for businesses to use. It’s vital to advertise on social media since most potential customers are there. Facebook has millions of active users each day. Not using this platform for advertising can be a terrible mistake. 

Identifying the right Facebook ad format is only the first step. The specific message contained in the advertisement is also necessary. The good thing is that the company can always ask for help from experts. There are social media Las Vegas agencies that can help in Facebook marketing. Deciding the next best step will be easier with the help of these experts. They will also analyze the direction of the advertisements and determine if they’re good enough. There might also be some changes depending on the results.

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