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A Detailed Overview Of Data Safety In Tally That Users Need To Know

Data safety in Tally has become one of the top priorities of any business that rely on the software for financial record keeping, belief the online assignment help. Organisations are deciding on the best versions of Tally available in the market to ensure their data security needs are taken care of.


When it comes to data security in Tally, companies need to take some critical decisions in the years ahead to ensure data safety. But if you still don’t have clarity about data security in Tally, then read on to know more. The following observations have been made by online financial accounting assignment help experts.


How to activate data security in Tally?

Tally offers a complete framework of security for authentication, authorisation, and confidentiality of various data. The following are some features that Tally provides for keeping data secure, which you should take into account.

  • Enable tally vault: This is a system that saves and secures your data with a password which only you can enter, or modify.


  • Security levels: This is a useful security feature which comes with two options, namely data entry and owner entry. The owner entry lets the owner get access to all the features of the software other than tally audit and company administration. Data entry offers limited access based on the requirements of the administrator.


  • Tally audit: Tally audit is performed on the data saved in Tally by keeping track of the changes that could affect the authenticity of the modifications made in data, amounts, ledger, etc.


  • Data Backup: Tally server allows the users to create a backup of the data, which further enables users to restore any of the lost data.


  • Transaction level security: In some companies, it becomes essential to control which user is given access to what rights in Tally. With the help of the voucher type-level security module, you can assign different users different rights like data entry, data modifications, etc. This will ensure that the workload is divided and accountability is maintained.


What are some other measures you can take to protect your data in Tally?

Browse through the measures that companies can take to secure their Tally data.

  • Install a decent malware protection software

It’s imperative to install malware or virus protection software to protect your Tally data. The anti-virus will restrict unauthorised access and maintain the privacy of the company’s data.


  • Use secure transmission

The businesses using Tally ERP 9 can be assured of the safe transmission of the data. This tool allows transmitting the data in an encrypted and compressed form, as it employs the industry-based encryption version. Moreover, it also helps with spotting the corrupted data or any modification done during the transfer of the data.


  • Effective password protection

When a company is using Tally, it’s crucial to create a strong password policy that will enable the users in securing financial details. If a business has adopted Tally ERP 9, the administrator can set up a proper password policy. This will be essential for all other Tally users who have access to the details.


  • Emphasise on the connectivity

Apart from the safe transmission of data, it’s essential to have safe Internet connectivity to maintain a multi-level security check while using Tally. The businesses must keep their Tally ERP 9 license updated to avert any threat like situation.


  • Centralised data server management

The central management of data in the organisations is vital as it saves unauthorised access to your Tally reports. Maintain the confidentiality of your data by keeping the files in Tally ERP 9 to be accessed only by the top management.


The different employees working on the same Tally data can be barred from accessing some of the files in Tally ERP 9. You can ensure the safety of your Tally Data by adding the data server name, and there is no need to give data file location.


How to access the secure tally data?

Tally is the most popularly known software in the field of accounting and basic inventory management. It’s compatible with every device except Macintosh. But there are some techniques using which you can access Tally on Mac devices, namely the dual boot method, cross-platform tools, virtualisation, Tally on Cloud, etc.


Tally cloud service is the most secure alternative which allows you to run Tally from other cloud servers. It offers an efficient, economical and secure way to access Tally from any operating system. This way, the tally license and data get installed on a secure cloud system. You can get tally access using a remote desktop client through a computer or any other device.


With so many security features at your disposal, make sure that you implement the best ones to prevent your data from being vulnerable to hackers.



Ensuring data safety in Tally should be a priority for every organisation. If you’re still figuring out how to ensure the maximum security for data stored in Tally, then reading through this post will be helpful.

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