Huawei FreeBuds (Ceramic White)

A Guide to Getting the Best Fit and Sound From Your Huawei FreeBuds (Ceramic White)

When it comes to earphones, you can’t go wrong with Huawei brand products. From casual headphones to wired noise-canceling headphones, Huawei has it all. With unique round hybrid ear tips, you get more than just a good seal and a better fit. You get an earphone that’s built for your ears, made to fit your style and personal needs. Whether it’s your daily music experience or your next gaming set-up, Huawei is the one you need.

Fit: The ideal FreeBuds should fit your ears without having to force them or pulling on them. That said, Huawei’s FreeBuds have been developed especially with this in mind. With their rectangular main bodies perfectly contoured for fit and style, these earphones provide an impressive audible experience. Pair them with your favorite flexible silicone ear tips for a secure and comfortable fit.

Cushioning: If there’s one thing we absolutely love about Huawei FreeBuds, it’s their cushy ear pads. These are firm and comfortable, thanks to the custom foam cover that covers them. The ear cushions also help to mold to your ear canal for a perfect seal. We also find that the cushioning is adjustable so you can get your own fit, allowing you to take it out or add or remove beads as needed.

Sound Quality: We’re not going to lie to you – the sound of Huawei FreeBuds is very special. It’s not just like any other cheap earbud we’ve ever come across. If you’re looking for something more substantial and natural sounding, however, the FreeBuds really do deliver best. They’re light and balanced, providing great sound quality throughout all ranges. They also have a surprisingly natural pitch and tone to them, especially when compared to the cheap earbuds we’ve reviewed.

Ease of Use: The biggest complaint we hear about Huawei FreeBuds is how hard they are to fit. We can’t stress how difficult they are to fit, but the FreeBuds are quite firm. They aren’t too loose, either, so they’re easy to slip on and off. The earpieces simply push into your ear canal to keep them in place, and they aren’t too deep to be uncomfortable.

Connection: One of the biggest problems for new users of these buds is that they can be a little fiddly to connect to your ear. This is because the buds are plastic and not that flexible. This means that they don’t always sit properly in the canal. We found that the buds did lie comfortably against the side of our ears, but that some people reported having them slide around in their ear canal. That’s not a major problem (unless you’re trying to change them quickly) but it does mean that you might want to try and make the connection easier by propping the buds up with your hand or even placing them on a towel so that they’re held firmly in place.

Fit & Cleaning: FreeBuds material is flexible, they aren’t completely impervious to being left in your ear for long periods of time. However, the earbuds themselves are made out of a very soft plastic which isn’t prone to causing irritation or even damage. To clean, simply wash with warm water and a dab of antibacterial agent. Don’t use any sort of soap or special sprays – they’ll cause damage to your ear canal.

When looking to buy Huawei FreeBuds, the two above features really need to be considered. If you’re looking for something that can stay on your ear and doesn’t cause irritation (or worse), then go for the Huawei Pro range. You’ll get a more comfortable fit, they fit better, and there’s a larger selection to choose from. There’s a reason they call them “the white ceramic FreeBuds” – they’re an extremely comfortable option for anyone who’s looking for a great fit and reliable performance.

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