Addition of a Child Safety Lock in CBD Oil Packaging is Important


With the legalization of medical marijuana, the market for CBD products is thriving. The competition in the sector is high, and businesses are now looking for innovative ways to get ahead of it. Packaging is known to be the best companion of businesses as their potentials are endless. Cardboard and Kraft CBD oil packaging is highly protective and sturdy and assists businesses in the marketing process. These boxes are ultimate to minimize the risks of damage and contamination to products. The sturdy structure resists all kinds of physical impacts along with PP and PE laminations to uplift the barrier properties. The packaging design is also best as it assists in the marketing of products. Digital, silkscreen and offset options are available, along with various laminations and add-ons. There are also options for embossing, debossing, and foiling, as they help to enrich the feel of packaging in the best possible way.

The CBD industry is now among the fastest-growing sectors in the market. It is growing parallel to the demand, and marketers are looking for better marketing tactics. For many consumers, the packaging is just a protective medium, but in reality, it assists much more. Businesses are integrating CBD oil boxes in their promotional theme as the outcomes are matchless. This packaging is best to uplift the sales of businesses and make a name for them in society. It serves as the matchless companion of businesses and helps them to enhance their reach and recognition in the market.

What Makes it Perfect?

Without any doubt, the packaging is the top factor that helps to enhance the sales of any product. It assists in keeping the products in optimal condition during the shipping and storage phase. It also assists businesses in the marketing and promotion of products. When it comes to CBD oil packagingit is like the matchless companion of businesses in all aspects. These boxes are best as they help in making the products compliant with the law. CBD-based products are totally different from conventional products as they fall under the category of a controlled substance. The packaging requirements are set by Food and Drug Authority, and marketers have to follow strict guidelines. They have to label the packaging in a pre-determined manner along with using child safety locks. This packaging helps to keep the products free of damage, helps to promote them along with making them compliant with the law.

What is a Child Safety Lock? 

Products such as pharmaceutical and cannabis-based edibles and balms are highly sensitive. Consuming them without proper guidance can result in complications. It is also essential to keep such products away from the reach of children. It is the law to package these products in boxes that have child safety locks. These locks are pressure-activated, and you have to open them in a certain manner. They came into effect due to the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970 in the United States of America. According to modern requirements by PPPA, CBD oil boxes wholesale will be certified child-resistant if they cannot be opened by at least a majority of 85% of children. The packaging should also not be opened by 80% of children after the demonstration, while accessibility for senior adults should be 90%. These locks were introduced first for cannabis in Colorado in 2013 after the legalization of marijuana there.

Why are they Inevitable?

The use of child safety locks in CBD oil boxes is one of the practices that are simply irreplaceable. These locks are best to keep the products safe and away from the access of children. They also help the businesses to ensure their product compliance with the law. CBD products can also have traces of THC that is psychedelic in nature, and keeping them away from access of children is highly crucial. Moreover, the presence of these locks on the packaging also helps to ensure a proper seal on the packaging. It helps to keep the risks of contaminates and damage away from products.

1.    Helps in Product Compliance

Although marijuana and hemp-based products are now legal in the majority of states, the packaging is still subject to strict regulations. The Food and Drug Regulation Act of 1906 and the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970 make use of child safety locks essential for these products. Marketers must use child-proof locks in CBD oil packaging boxes to ensure compliance with the law. Otherwise, in the absence of these locks, marketers may face legal complications, penalties, and even sentence time. These locks are also highly perfect for getting the consumers to know about the nature of the substance packaged in the boxes and handle it carefully.

2.    Keeps Children Safe

As the name suggests, these locks on packaging assist in ensuring the safety of children. Marijuana and Hemp-based products are usually CBD, but they also contain a minute amount of THC. Although the traces of THC are only about 0.3 in CBD that doesn’t have psychedelic effects on adults, the effects of the substance on children are unknown. Moreover, long-term exposure and consumption of substances can also lead to certain complications. It is crucial to use these locks as it makes accessing the substance difficult for the children. The locks are pressure-activated, and children cannot open them easily even after the demonstration.

3.    Adds into Elevated Barrier Properties

The use of child safety locks is imperative and inevitable as they also add to the protection of products. CBD-based products are highly sensitive in nature, and excessive physical impacts and contaminates can result in the products being useless. These locks on CBD oil boxes wholesale are perfect as they keep the risks of damage away from products. Such locks ensure an additional seal on the packaging that helps to raise the barrier properties of packaging in a better way. It helps to keep risks of dust, bacteria, air, and other contaminants away and ensure optimal condition of products during shipping and storage.

The use of child safety locks in CBD oil packaging is the perfect practice. It not only helps to make the products compliant with the law but also assists in bundles of other ways. It helps to keep the products safe, serves in keeping the product away from children, and also serves to uplift barrier properties. And to assist with all these issues, custom packaging providers make sure to create packaging locks as safety is their main priority.

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