Canada Visa for Tourists

Applying For a Canada Visa for Tourists

Applying for a Canada visa for tourists purposes requires great caution and patience. A visa application that is incomplete or faulty can delay the process or even lead to the refusal of the application altogether. This not only delays the entire process but can affect future visa applications. Here are a few tips for applying for a Canada tourist visa. Follow these steps to avoid visa rejection. Once you receive your visa, enjoy your vacation in Canada! And don’t forget to apply for an extension if you need to extend your stay.

GCKey is needed to apply for a Canada tourist visa

A GCKey is a unique identification number that you must have before you can log in to CER and submit your application or hearing document. It is a secure online system that encrypts all of your private data. This will prevent other people from accessing or reading your personal information. During the application process, you will have to submit a minimum of two documents to obtain your visa. You can either upload these documents to CER or download them to your computer.

Documents required to apply for a Canada tourist visa

If you’re planning to visit Canada on vacation, you will need the following documents to apply for a tourist visa. Depending on your intended purpose of travel, these documents will differ. These documents will help you prove that you’re not a threat to Canadian society or do not have any criminal history. Listed below are the main documents you’ll need to submit. If you don’t have them yet, you can download and print them now. Besides, one can apply for Canada Visa for Chile Citizens as per instructions.

Fees to apply for a Canada tourist visa

To travel to Canada, a tourist visa is required. This visa is good for up to 6 months, but the length of stay can vary depending on the country. For example, a single entry visa will give you 180 days in Canada while a multiple entry visa will give you up to 10 years. The fees to apply for a Canada tourist visa are $7, and you will need a credit card in Canadian currency. Your bank may charge you a foreign transaction fee.

Extension of a Canada tourist visa

If you have a valid Canada tourist visa but it has expired and you wish to extend it, you must apply for a visitor extension. The extension will extend your status until the date you apply for another permit. The visitor status granted is only valid while you are physically in Canada. You cannot re-enter Canada after the expiry date. However, you can still extend your stay and meet the initial requirements to regain your original status.

To apply for a visa extension, you must submit a completed Application Form IMM 5420, Stamped Receipt (IMM 5476) and a copy of your passport or visa stamp. The visa extension fee is $75. The application form can be printed out and submitted online using a valid computer and a printer. You must provide a valid email address. When you have submitted your application, you should be emailed a confirmation page. This confirmation page serves as your receipt for obtaining the extension.

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