Are Villas in Malta Expensive to Buy?

In the island of Malta, villas start from around EUR400, 000 and can go up into the millions. If you’re looking for a seafront property, there are many options. Bugibba, Marsascala, Xemxija, and Mellieha are just some of the locations. However, prices for seafront property vary dramatically. There are specialized agents in each of these locations that can service your villa requirements.

Gozo villas

If you are looking to buy a property on the island of Gozo, you may be wondering if Gozo villas are expensive to buy in Maltese property markets. These properties are mostly older and may not have the latest amenities, such as Wi-Fi and modern plumbing. Gozo has a very small construction space, so developers can only build additional floors on top of the existing block of properties. Make sure to find out who owns the “airspace” on top of the property you are considering purchasing.

A modern Gozo villa can range anywhere from one to nine bedrooms. They may have modern architecture or a traditional style. Whether modern or traditional, these properties are impressive and can accommodate a large family, as well as business meetings. These villas are typically large properties that come with a lot of land, multiple levels, and spectacular views. Buying a Gozo villa is an excellent investment for many reasons.

Sliema apartments

The cost of Sliema apartments is high and varies depending on its location. Sliema’s western border is composed of II-Kullegg, D’Argens, Moroni, Gianni Bencini and Parisio streets. Most of the Sliema seafront is situated along Tower Road. In addition, there is the Tigne Point peninsula. Prices for two and three-bedroom apartments are EUR500, 000 and up respectively.

Rent is the most expensive part of life in Sliema. There are cheaper apartments available, but living in a high-end Sliema apartment is not cheap. You should consider sharing apartments or renting a cheaper apartment. A three-bedroom apartment in the city center costs around EUR2, 250,183. It features a fully fitted kitchen, breakfast room and lounge. There is ample storage space for furniture.

The price of a property villas for sale in Malta depends on the location, the area and the current housing market. High-end properties cost more than average. But if you want a more modest place, try Zebbug, Rabat or Gozo. These towns offer a traditional atmosphere and a peaceful environment. While Sliema apartments are expensive to buy in Malta, you can still find a cheaper, more modest villa.

Gzira villas

If you’re looking for a country villa in Gzira, Malta, then you’ve come to the right place. With a beautiful beach and quiet village atmosphere, these villages are ideal for retirees or families looking for a change of pace. Gzira villas for sale are not cheap, but if you’re willing to spend a little extra money, you can find a beautiful, rustic property that will suit your lifestyle.

There are many factors to consider when buying Gzira villas for sale. The prices of Gzira property vary wildly, so make sure to shop around a bit. If you want peace and quiet, consider buying a villa in St. Julian’s. The area offers plenty of outdoor activities and beautiful coastal views. The cost of Gzira villas in Malta is relatively low compared to other areas of Malta.

Mellieha villas

Villas in Mellieha are built on solid rock, so they don’t need additional development expenses. All the required permits have been obtained. You can expect to pay between EUR900 and EUR4800 per square meter for a luxury villa in Mellieha. Plot areas vary between 316 and 3800 square meters. Prices also vary according to the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and other amenities.


Santa Maria Estate is an exceptional example of a luxury property in Mellieha. This villa was built in a style reminiscent of 18th century French chateaux. It is situated on a ridge and features magnificent open views. You’ll enjoy a quiet and peaceful setting, and the property also features an outdoor swimming pool. This property is located in the sought-after Santa Marija Estate. A Santa Maria Estate villa can set you back about €2 million, and the property is the perfect choice for those wanting privacy.

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