Benefits Of Four Wheeler Insurance and its Types

The four wheeler insurance plans available in India are very well-designed. They contain many features which make them beneficial for the policyholders. However, there are different types of car insurance plans available and to get the best results, you need to pick the correct policy for yourself. Take a look at this article to know more about the best car plans and how they can prove to be helpful for you.

Types of car insurance – third party liability cover

As stated, car insurance is available in two types. The first type is the third party liability cover. This type of coverage is compulsory in India. It offers protection for all third party liability damages. The features and benefits of a third party liability four wheeler insurance cover include:

1. Damage for third party liability vehicle –

If a third party vehicle gets damaged in an accident that you are responsible for, the cost for repairs of the damages to the vehicle will be paid by the insurance provider.

2. Injury of the third party –

Similarly, the plan covers all the medical expenses incurred if the third party is bodily injured in the accident.

3. Damage of third party liability property –

If you crash into someone’s gate or wall with your vehicle, the plan will pay for the damages to the property.

4. Legal costs – 

The insurer will bear all the legal costs if the third party drags you to court over the incidents of the accident. 

As you can see, these are very important covers that a third party liability four wheeler insurance cover offers.

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Types of car insurance – comprehensive cover

You can also get the comprehensive plans of four wheeler insurance online. They offer all the overs of a third party liability plan, but in addition, offer covers for your own vehicle too. The features of these plans include:

1. Third-party liability covers –

As stated, you get all the standard third party liability covers stated above.

2. Cover for your own vehicle –

If your vehicle is damaged in the accident, you can get it repaired and send the bill to your insurance provider. Thus, a comprehensive plan is definitely needed if you have a new and expensive car.

3. Cover for self and passengers –

It is common for the passengers and driver of a car to get injured if the vehicle gets involved in a road accident. The comprehensive car plans offer medical covers when such a thing happens.

4. Option to buy riders –

And finally, the comprehensive car plans give you the option to add some riders to your policy. This facility is not available in third-party liability plans. The riders allow you to make your plan more flexible and effective.  

The comprehensive four wheeler insurance online plans are very well-rounded and offer several benefits. They are more expensive than a third party liability cover because the scope of coverage is much higher.

The final word

Choose a good car plan and get your four wheeler insurance online, depending on what your needs and requirements are.

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