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Whenever you play a game you are rewarded by the coins after completing a mission or any requirement in the game. Just like that, you are also awarded the coins in CS: GO when you complete a mission or achieve any milestone. These coins are also visible to the player who is playing the game and who is awarded those coins beside his/her name. There is various type of coins available to the player. Some of those are discussed below along with their requirements:


Operation Coins:

Operation coins will be awarded to the player whenever he/she will obtain an operation pass. These coins will further be upgraded during the operation when the player will tend to complete various tasks or missions during that operation. These operation coins will be awarded whenever a player gets an operation pass. Different operations that are performed by the player in counter strike global offensive are given below. All these operations have requirements of play to fulfill these operations.

  • Payback
  • Bravo
  • Phoenix
  • Breakout
  • Vanguard
  • Bloodhound
  • Wildfire
  • Hydra
  • Shattered Web

These operation coins will be available in only bronze, silver, and gold form. Once a player has reached the gold coin, it will not be further upgraded however the information will continue to be tracked.


Five Year Veteran Coins:

To win five-year veteran coins, a player must be a member of the counter strike community for over five years. Other than this, it also asks for some requirements that a player needs to fulfill before obtaining five-year veteran coins. The player should own the game for five years and should have played the game at least one time. Other than this, the account should be in good condition i-e there should be no any type of ban on the plyer during these five years. It shows that the game rewards its players with the csgo five-year coin award on being the part of counter strike global offensive for such a long time.


Ten Year Veteran Coins:

The ten-year veteran coin is one of the unique kinds of accounts in the gaming world and leads the players to a great victory in the game. The ten-year veteran coin award is like the five-year veteran coin. The other requirements are the same as the csgo 5-year coin award.  Such types of awards by valve are attracting the players towards counter strike global offensive, to be part of it for a long time, and making the demands of CS: GO high.


Map Contributor Coin:

These are the coins that are awarded to the authors of the map that is included in the game. The map by different authors is considered and the maps which are selected for the inclusion in the operations are then awarded the coins. The coin for the author is designed in such a way that it has written “CS: GO CONTRIBUTOR” on the upper side of the coin whereas the lower part of the coin has a map name written on it.

Other than this, the author of the map will receive the operation pass as well. Some of the different map contributor coins named are given below:

  • Thunder
  • Seaside
  • Ruins
  • Mist
  • China Town
  • Black alley

Given above are some of the ways that help you to earn coins in CS: GO. Other than this, ineligible users are not allowed to purchase the coins by any means. The account should fulfill the requirements to get the coin and the requirements are all about account qualification. It is important to own the coin in the game otherwise you will not be able to pre-order the physical version. If you are not able to pre-order the coin during the first attempt, don’t worry, there will be more coins available to you.


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