Best Coolest Coworking Spaces in Thailand for Digital Nomads

Best Coolest Coworking  Spaces in Thailand for Digital Nomads

Working remotely in Thailand is what dreams are made of. This article will list the best Coworking spaces in Thailand for digital nomads.

Imagine working beside a swimming pool or beautiful beach and taking breaks to eat pad Thai while soaking up cool, cosmopolitan cities or amazing nature — all of this is possible in Thailand.

There are plenty of vibrant digital nomad cities in Thailand, as well as some fantastic islands for livin’ la vida nomad!

Another fantastic thing about being a digital nomad in Thailand is the prices. It’s one of the world’s most affordable regions for living and working remotely.

KoHub, Koh Lanta

Located on the island of Koh Lanta, this coworking environment offers a much more relaxed and calm meaning to the words “work environment.” This modernized take on island life (or however you would like to envision it) boasts high-speed wifi, a tropical garden, hammocks to ease your back, skype rooms, and even co-living accommodations so you can sleep where you work!

KoHub is located only 5 minutes away from the beach, so if you need a break and want to take a dip – it’s the right spot for you. It’s open 24/7, 52 weeks a year, with the reception desk being open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Koh Lanta

Another one of the best Coworking spaces in Thailand for digital nomads is Koh Lanta, a beautiful island off the coast of Krabi. It’s a small island that can be explored by scooter with beautiful beaches and plenty of decent co-working spaces and cafes.

Koh Phangan

Although it used to be solely on the map as a place for party goers wanting to experience the infamous full moon party, Koh Phangan now has a reputation as one of the best Coworking spaces in Thailand for digital nomads.

There are plenty of co-working spaces and cafes where you can pitch up for the afternoon with no one moving you on. Yup, digital nomads rule the roost in KP!

Why Koh Phangan is great for digital nomads?

There’s a great community. If you want to meet like-minded remote workers, practice yoga, and enjoy the beach life, this is easily one of the best Coworking spaces in Thailand. The only downside is the risk of sand in your laptop.

Koh Phangan coworking spaces

Koh Space on the south of the island and Beachub on the North of the Island are both great options with fast Wi-Fi and plenty of desk space.

Casa Tropicana by Remote & Digital is a hotel, restaurant, and co-working space with beautiful views. You can book your accommodation and co-working space in one package if you’re keen for a boujee, holiday vibe!


Phuket is an island in southern Thailand connected to the mainland by road. For many years, it’s been a hub for tourists and due to being one of the few places open for foreign tourists in 2021, it’s become a nomad.

Coworking spaces in Phuket

Hatch is one of the best places to work in town with ergonomic chairs and speedy Wi-Fi. It’s 100 baht for 2 hours or you can splash out on a full month pass for 5,700 baht.

Other good working spots include Garage Society in Patong Beach and Phuket Stash in Koh Kaew.

How to find an apartment in Phuket?

Use real estate websites, Airbnb or book a room at Phuket Stash. Phuket Town is the best place to stay as it’s nearby to co-working spaces and away from Pattaya which can be quite touristy and loud.

Pros and Cons of Living in Phuket

Although it has all the facilities to be a great digital nomad destination, it’s not quite as beautiful as the islands, not quite as pleasant as Chiang Mai and not quite as cosmopolitan as Bangkok. It does the job but you may not fall in love…

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