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Best Seed Funding Platforms You Should Know About

A startup is a newbie business that makes all possible efforts to make a mark in this competitive world. But the road to success is not very easy, especially for a startup company. Many startups come with great hope to establish themselves and leave a mark. But sadly, most of them face disappointment and fail to reach their goal. Now, what can be the reason behind the failure of startups in their infant stage? Well, one of the main factors besides, lack of seed funding and unavailability of angel investors is crowdsourcing for startups.


However, failure must not intercept the way of making efforts. No matter how many startups fail to taste the success they desire. One must not be disheartened with failure stories, and drop their idea in establishing a startup business. If you are determined to launch a startup business, then you are most welcome. Come up with a brilliant approach and idea, if you want to succeed and to stand among the crowd.


But how will you make this possible? Because seed funding is the most basic and very important to fuel up your startup business. So where will you get it from? Now, if you are puzzled, and worried too, then please drop it, as there is no space for them when Startup Paisa is there as a gateway to help you find the angel investors as well as venture capitalists. This will help in abundant funds for your startup business growth. A startup cannot imagine rising if they don’t get help from the investors and venture capitalists regarding crowdsourcing. Many crowdfunding sites help connect your startup to willful investors as well as fund contributors. So here we bring you the list of creamy tops from the rest. Here they are:

Startup Paisa

By seed funding, we mean the basic necessity of ample funds that are required for the infant growth of startups. For such concern, Startup Paisa emerges as the voice of the startup ecosystem and hope for all startup businesses. This platform helps in providing support through connecting with the best investors and venture capitalists, innovators under one roof. Bet on it and experience the positive outcome yourself.


With the name, you must have understood that this crowdsourcing site is especially related to those women who are leading startup businesses. This platform offers services including marketing and coaching for women startup owners. It seems to be good that women are equally proving their worth for running a startup business. However, they do face some challenges in getting seed funding and lifting their business from the base. iFundWomen comes as a big hope in resolving those challenges.


Kiva is also among the best crowdfunding sites that help in debt crowdfunding. campaigns are funded successfully and will provide a loan with 0% interest to any needy startup. By the time the loan is being paid by you, there is no need to think about funding and payment fees. Rather, it gives you time to emphasize creating a successful campaign.


Seed funding is a major issue for all startup businesses. It feels sorry for all those startups who have big aims to establish themselves. But sadly all their hopes get shattered when they are unable to get ample funding. But there are solutions for startup incubation support and crowdsourcing. Some of the best options are Startup Paisa and iFundWomen. Owning a startup business is not only for men. Women too have been proving their worth in running a startup business. iFundWomen helps them in raising their capital by providing coaching, marketing, and other services to women startup owners.

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