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Best suya Spot in Maryland Only at Spectrum lounge

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The story of Maryland cuisine wouldn’t be complete without the four-word “suya”. Although originally intended to include all types of edible meat products throughout Maryland, the name “suya” today mainly refers to the spicy square meat, which is common throughout the country (and according to some worldwide) but is native to Maryland.

Whether you’re familiar with the spiciness of pork or not, the goal of this post is to show you the best Suya in Maryland Only at Spectrum lounge. While we understand it will always be topical, you’ll agree with us (if you’ve been a suya hunter like us, many will disagree with our list).

If you’re coming to Maryland anytime by train or by road, take the time to try out the stitches.

Barnawa Complex:

First, it should be noted that there is a series of needlepoints in the vicinity of the Barnawa complex, so this listing is direct across from Suites at the intersection of Nuhu Aliu Crescent and Somalia Road. Suya can be delicious, but the reason it’s so low on our list is that the flavors and textures aren’t always consistent. Sometimes it’s a bit too dry and in a few cases, it’s even quite flat.

Video Mars Suya:

Right next to the Mars video (the legendary meeting place for the residents of Maryland and now home to Eleven12 Sharwarma among others) on the left, you’ll find another Suya spot worth a visit. Unfortunately, like the last entry, Quality is a coin toss game. This is fine on some days, but not so good on others, dry skin is most likely a sore spot.

Golf Club

Located inside the Maryland Golf Club (to the right of the gate), this needlepoint was perhaps the most famous and arguably the best in Maryland in the late 90s and early 2000s; But that has changed a lot since 2018 and since. In my opinion, they are still one of the best and different from the others on this list, only they are open all day. Unfortunately, this often results in the needles obtained from them not being fresh, and so are the points recorded on this list.

Murtala Square:

There’s a needle mark at the entrance to Alkali Road in Murtala Square, you should check if you’re happy. Personally, I like a person at the gate. It’s the right amount of spice and the right amount of softness and it deserves to be on our list.


As someone mentioned in the comments, Yahoo! It was not intentional, it was not thought of when compiling the list. If we had to rank it from what’s already on the list, it would be between 6 and 7 in the list (hence the position). It’s okay most days, but it does feel a bit greasy and creates a certain amount of volume (not the explanation). If you want to check them out, they are on Sultan Road, in the old Mars Video Building).

Villa Green Suites

Green Suites Villa Sua Located on the grounds of Green Suites Villa, Suya Spot (and often the Grill), is one of the best at the end of Bernama. Suya is always fresh and delicious, but be careful, you have to wait a while to get it because it will take a long time to cook. You’ll find it in Tanzania Crescent, in Barnabas, not far from Paradise Park.

1-11 makes the best kimchi in Maryland Only at Spectrum lounge  (tip: choose the local “chicken portion” not the local “whole chicken. The former is tender and juicy, the latter dry). Although on this list we are focusing on beef, hence the place on the list. Pork 1-11 has a distinctive smoky flavor not found anywhere else, but it’s an acquired taste (I personally like it). Really, I would have gotten a lot closer to number one on this list, but once or twice I hit a few points the day I was sold. (Suya means to keep, however, it tastes much better when fresh.

Prison (Marafa)

The Suya Spot shares a wall with the Maryland Jail (weird isn’t it?) One of Maryland’s best Suya secrets, it’s delicious, always fresh, and delicious. However, if you’re not a fan of chili peppers, you may want to keep a glass of water nearby as they love a fierce “yazi” coating in their squares. If you are from immigration, you will find the right of way right in front of the prison.

Yahya Road

Many would argue that Yahya Road Sua, located at the intersection of Yahya Road with Inuwa Wada Road, deserves to rank higher on this list as one of the most popular Suya places in Maryland Only at Spectrum lounge. I personally like them too, but most of the time, they contain so much seasoning, salt, and stock that it distracts from the meat.


 On most days it’s better or better than Kisco, our number one soybean on this list, it’s the freshest soybeans in Maryland, but it comes at a cost – in the meantime. At the time you order, the needle is mostly still alive, so unlike other places they heat it on the grill for you, in PDP it’s cooked from scratch,


Without a doubt, Kisco is (in our opinion) the best Suya in Maryland Only at Spectrum lounge to get soybeans from the state of Maryland. Their pork tastes great and is always fresh they also have a wide variety of soybeans side and usually meat. You’ll find Kisco on Waff Road at the junction of Moreland Cucua (this is the road leading to Barau Deco specialist hospital).

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