Best vastu consultant in Kolkata discusses where you should sleep to get what benefit?

Do you know that we receive energies at all times, and Best vastu consultant in Kolkata says that the process remains the same even as you sleep. This is why you should sleep right as per the vastu guidance. 

The most crucial thing about bedroom vastu is the placement of bedroom in the right zone. There are 16 zones in vastu and each one has its special attributes. So, let us see what benefits are associated with what zonal bedroom. 

Before we begin exploring each of the 16 zones, we should learn about the features of sleeping in the central zone of the vastu. This zone is called the Brahmasthan as it is the house of deity Brahma. Since this zone radiates positive vibes to the rest of the vastu, the Best vastu consultant in Kolkata recommended keeping it empty. So, sleeping in here is not recommended in general. 

If your bedroom is placed in here then you should try to shift it in any corner. If it cannot be shifted anywhere else then you can sleep in here, but only for a short while. Sleeping here continuously is a bad idea. 

Your bedroom can be placed in the North East zone, but only selectively. Sleeping in here is strictly forbidden for couples as it can cause gynecological issues and such couples also face problems with conception of a child. However, elderly people and kids can easily sleep in here since it brings no side effect for them.

Sleeping in the East of North East zone is a positive aspect since it gives toy joy, happiness and adds sense to a meaningful life. Best vastu consultant in Kolkata in general recommends this bedroom for newlywed couples of the family. 

It will help them bond with each other comfortably and will lay a good foundation of married life ahead. But there is one restriction for it, because students should not sleep in here. If they spend too much time in the zone of fun and recreation can motivate their mind towards it too much. It has been found to cause diversion of their mind from studies towards fun activities like comics, gaming and net surfing etc. 

East zone is also a very positive zone for sleeping. Being the zone of social connectivity, it has the potential to boost your social status. People who are engaged in politics, building sectors, etc can get immense benefits from it. 

The East of South East zone is very unsuited for sleeping, because it can bring anxiety and overanalyses of mind of the residents. Students should especially avoid sleeping in here as it makes preoccupies their mind with only one subject, making them ignore the rest. 

But research scholars can sleep in here as it helps to focus their mind on their studies, avoiding any distractions. As a remedy, you can shift the bed towards East zone to reduce these ill-effects. However, if it is not possible them allocating it as guest room is advised by Best vastu consultant in Kolkata.

The South East zone represents fire element in vastu and hence sleeping in here makes people short-tempered. It also represents cash flow and hence sleeping here can make people addicted for gaining money. But by sleeping in here, you can get increased money flow. 

The bedroom can be located in the South of South East zone as it gives the users power and self-confidence. South is the best bedroom in vastu since it helps you get complete relaxation, good sleep along with reputation. 

No bedroom should be placed in the South of South West zone, which symbolizes disposal. When you sleep in here, they face increased expenditure, and couples sleeping here engages in frequent arguments. In addition, it can cause health problems, especially, related to stomach and heart. It is best to relocate the bed towards South West or South zone as a remedy.

The bedroom vastu flourishes profoundly in the South West zone. It can help you sharpen your skill and gain stability in life. This is ideal for master bedroom because good relationship thrives in here. 

West of South West zone is most suited for students and share market investors, because this is the zone of education and savings. 

Best vastu consultant in Kolkata recommends sleeping in the West zone, which symbolizes profit and gain. It can help getting profit in intended investment and business. It also has the potential to fulfil our dreams. 

You should not sleep ideally in the West of North West zone because it is the symbol of depression. Sleeping in here for short while can rid your mind from depression. But long-term sleep can build depression, blocked emotion and thyroid. You should relocate the bed in west or north west for permanent solution. 

The bedroom in the North West zone is considered positive zone for sleeping. It aids in getting banking assistance and receive support from others. This bedroom is most suited for guest room as it aids in forming good bond with guests. 

North of North West zone can be used for couple’s bedroom (especially newlywed’s) since it represents sex and attraction in vastu. Children and students should not sleep in here as it has been found to divert their mind towards adult activity. But eligible bachelors can sleep in this bedroom without any side effect. 

Your bedroom can be located in the North zone as it represents opportunities. This is especially beneficial for students and jobbers as it aids in their career related aspects. 

North of North East zone can be used for temporary sleeping as it can aid in speedy recovery. Sleeping in here for a long time is harmful since it can weaken your immunity. Such individuals are more prone to various health conditions. 

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