Best Ways to Save Money during Your Move

Moving can be such a traumatizing affair, especially if it’s your first time. You have items to put together, a destination to plan for transport to get, and so many other activities to make the event a success. Moving is also quite costly and often running into thousands of dollars. If you’re moving internationally, you can be sure the cost is even higher. 

Good thing is, you don’t have to break the bank during the move. You can get a bit creative and save on your upcoming move.

Clean the house before you pack

Why to move things that you don’t need to use; it’s just a waste of time, money, and effort. Therefore before you begin your move, make a point of de-cluttering your house. Go through the cabinets, closets, and drawers and think of what you need to use. What you have a connection to and what has a place in your life is what you need to carry. Get rid of the baggage you don’t need, which could mean you donate to the needy. For the items that are not useful, you may have to discard them.

Shop for movers locally.

When moving, you must choose a professional mover. This will ensure your items are handled safely, and you don’t have to overwork. Before you choose one, you have to take time, do proper research. They should tell you how long the movie is supposed to take and other details like their charges compared to the package. A good moving company will give you a package as opposed to charges for specific services. Make sure you have a list of not less than five from which you choose your preferred. To save on money also, shop for movers locally- don’t get a company that is far from you- that ensures you don’t incur unnecessary transport costs, and it’s easy to negotiate with such.

Right timing

Most people move at the beginning of the year, month and during the weekends or holidays. Thus the services are costly. To save a few dollars, move any time outside that bracket. If you can postpone your move for months, then you can. That will help you avoid months that most people are busy moving. 

Get creative with packing materials.

You don’t have to buy new cartons and bags for your packing- go to the groceries and liquor shops and inquire about their delivery days. Be present when they’re receiving their deliveries. There are usually excess cartons and containers that you can recycle. You can also ask neighbors for used boxes or even for directions on where you can find them. A local dollar store can also help you out with bubble wrap, tape, packing paper, and such. 

Cut non-essential services early.

Your water and electricity are essential even on the day of the move. However, there are services like security, doorbell that you can do away with. If you reduce them for a week or so, you’ll be surprised how significant the cost you’ve cut down is.

If you aren’t keen enough, you may end up spending a fortune during your move. You need to cut down the cost by choosing a moving company from Schroder Moving & Storage that will give affordably quality services.


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