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Carpet Cleaning: 3 Reasons to Try Professionally Steam Cleaning Your Carpets 

Carpets have a tendency to accumulate large volumes of dirt, dust, and soot. A carpet’s ability to absorb spills over time results in discoloration. While most regular vacuuming will keep particles from building up under the surface of your carpets, eventually even the deepest pile is going to show signs of wear. 

However, by taking advantage of professional steam carpet cleaning services, you’re guaranteeing that your carpets look their best for longer. By hiring a professional carpet cleaner to steam clean your carpets, you can avoid expensive replacement costs without sacrificing style or comfort.

Still not convinced? Here are three reasons to try professionally steam cleaning your carpets!

Try Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning your carpet does more than just clean the surface. It will help remove embedded dirt and odors that a regular vacuum can’t reach, making it a great investment for your home. Here are three ways that steam cleaning can improve your carpet:

Steam Cleaning is Very Effective at Removing Stains

By using harsh chemicals and hot water in carpet cleaning, steam cleaning is able to lift embedded dirt and contaminants from the carpet. If you’ve ever spilled something on your carpet, you know that staining can sometimes be difficult to remove. 

That’s where steam carpet cleaning comes into play: it uses heat and moisture to penetrate deep-down messes that would otherwise require an extensive shampooing treatment or even carpet replacement.

The Right Cleaner Will Steam Clean Your Carpets Thoroughly

Steam cleaners use a slightly different technique than carpet shampoos: they inject steam directly into the carpet pile instead of applying friction, which simply pushes dirt around and makes your carpet look dirty faster. When you hire a professional cleaner to steam carpet, they will have the right tools to ensure that your carpet is thoroughly clean.

Professional Steam Cleaning Will Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

Negative particles, dust, and contaminants are constantly filling the air in your home. When these particles settle on carpeting or upholstery, they can become trapped deep down within carpet fibers – unless you’ve had your carpet professionally steam cleaned! 

By using hot water and steam under pressure to reach deep into carpet fibers, professional cleaners are able to pull airborne irritants from carpeting and upholstery without leaving behind harmful residues. When combined with an equally effective deodorizing process, carpets that have been thoroughly cleaned by a professional will help remove allergens that contribute to many carpeting issues.

Keep Your Carpet Clean and Healthy

Unlike other methods of carpet cleaning — such as dry foam cleaning — steam cleaning does not rely on high-powered vacuums to extract dirty water from the carpet pile after cleaning, which means there’s no need for additional drying time or techniques to ensure that your floors won’t get damaged by moisture buildup. Plus, steam cleaning is completely nonabrasive, so there’s no risk of damage from brushing or scrubbing during cleaning.

Steam cleaning is a safe, efficient way to clean carpet. In fact, steam cleaning has been used as a method of carpet cleaning for decades. In addition to removing dirt and stains from your carpet, the process also removes allergens and bacteria from your carpeting. The process uses a chemical-free solution that is heated by an extraction machine. The hot water and gentle agitation of the machine loosens stains and dirt deep in your carpet fibers. Then, these substances are extracted from the carpet during the drying process leaving behind a fresh, clean scent.

Try Sunshine Eco Cleaning Services for Professional Carpet Cleaning 

Accidents happen and carpets get dirty. Food, pet urine, spills and everyday dirt are all factors that contribute to a dull, dirty carpet. Offering safe, affordable, and reliable carpet cleaning, Sunshine Eco are professional carpet cleaners that cater to you carpet cleaning needs.

Getting regular professional carpet cleaning directly leads to a healthier environment, a well-kept carpet that looks and lasts for years to come. Depending on your cleaning needs, Sunshine Eco Cleaning Service offers a host of carpet cleaning services from Steam and Dry cleaning to commercial and end-of-lease carpet cleaning. They provide services all over Australia, including Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast

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