Growth along with TikTok

Catch the Growth along with TikTok

Growth along with TikTok

Catch the impressive growth along with TikTok, except to understand logics of TikTok algorithm, we do know to understand how to create an account with a high TikTok ranking.

Content and community aren’t the only things contributing to TikTok’s growth, the concept of short-form video, TikTok made video editing incredibly simple. You don’t need to be a video expert to put together clips with a range of effects. So, let us begin the next topic of Catch the Growth along with TikTok (I), content scale creation to followers’ explosion.


Content Scale creation

  1. Prepare your “bullets”

In the beginning, phrase, make the preparation for hundreds content creation by gradually adjusting. Only the continuous content offers, and large quantity content creation, then able to cash-ability.

*Way of “Move and half-copy”

  1. a) It can be used when just begin the content creation, but it has to be original content in the later period. And personal must not “Move and half-copy”.
  2. b) “Move and half-copy” rules: high definition, remove the watermark (the video MD5), do not copy hot videos, do not move the video with IP mark.
  3. Prepare your channels

Prepare the distribution assistant channels that have directly related to TikTok, make a connection with those channels to push content. The possible assistant channels could be ins, YouTube, and even some more TikTok accounts to help to make some comments.

  1. Ready for post

Make post schedule plan, which includes all contents, time, channels, and time for communicate with fans.

It is necessary to learn more about how to make replies to comments.


Storage Energy

  1. Label your content, there is the sample for reference

Dancing topic

  1. Show off skills – make clear disassembly to dance movements, make it looks cool
  2. Dress in fashion, unique and special
  3. One person turns into 2 or more
  4. Fast and flash scene
  5. Unique standard movements
  6. Test
  7. Attract

Test different audience, analyze the different topics views and likes, then select a final video content for exploding

  1. Exploding

In this stage, we need to utilize content itself and every prop involved in video to test exploding possibility. To check normal increasing rate, fans volume, shares and comments.

  1. Awards

Setup some awards to share, likes and comments.

  1. Schedule your time for high traffic

The best-planned according to the content, 3 high traffic time in a day, and every 4 days as point in a week. They all need be test.



  1. Lead more traffics

After select and test the content for what you need, improve as the best content of competitors

If showing off some cool content to match the hot topic will easily get nature traffic from the platform. Make sure your content always matching with the hot topic.

Make sure to match the basic rules of TikTok, and posting time, will easily get traffic support from the platform.

  1. Fission
  2. Enhance content and be more interactive

We do think business account, influencer, and IP potential account will be in more demand in the market.

  1. Assistant account support

Get support from your assistant account and lead more action from fans

  1. Growing your fans

Make more specific videos for your fans, to test always what they need.

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