Common Forklift Accidents and How To Avoid Them

Common Forklift Accidents and How To Avoid Them

Forklifts play an essential role in a wide range of industries, from construction to warehousing. As a powerful piece of equipment, they are capable of lifting and transporting extremely heavy loads. However, every year dozens of workers are injured in various forklift accidents.

Avoiding forklift accidents is crucial in busy workplaces and should be a common goal for workers and employees alike. Lack of training is the most common reason for forklift accidents and the most preventable.

As such, it is important that forklift drivers receive training to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to competently operate a forklift truck. Not only does this protect works from injury, but the business from costly property damages and downtime. Here are the most common forklift accidents and how to avoid them.

Tip Overs

Tip overs are among the most common forklift accidents. These accidents occur for a variety of reasons – from maxing the load capacity and driving with an elevated load to sudden sharp turns and driving at an excessive speed. To prevent tip-over accidents, forklift divers should be cognisant of the load that is being transported and should avoid driving too fast or stopping too suddenly.

Pedestrian Accidents

Many factories and warehouses have designated areas for foot traffic. However, if a forklift operator is negligent or ignores these guidelines there is an increased risk of accident or injury. To prevent serious pedestrian accidents, both pedestrians and drivers should be aware of the designed paths and alert for any incoming danger. 

Falls From Heights

Elevated areas are especially dangerous for forklifts and many accidents occur when forklifts fall off elevated surfaces. These often occur due to brake malfunction, slick floors and distracted drivers. To prevent these accidents, it is important that the forklift is in full working order and that the forklift operators are alert and aware of their surroundings. 

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Importance of Adequate Training

Forklifts are pieces of heavy machinery that can cause a lot of damage when operated incorrectly. A large portion of forklift accidents can be attributed to a lack of training amongst operators. This is because workers are unable to correctly identify the hazards and risks associated with forklift driving.

Due to the risks involved, it is crucial for business owners and workers to know how to competently operate a forklift. Necessary and adequate forklift training ensures that all employees meet the requirements needed for the operation of a forklift truck.

Avoid Accidents With HOST Safety and Training

The bottom line is that the majority of forklifts happen due to a lack of training and certification. HOST Safety and Training are a locally owned company specialising in high-quality forklift training to individuals and businesses across the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gladstone.

With a range of delivery options, expert trainers and superior services, participants can rest assured that they will leave each course confident, competent and fully qualified. Get in touch today, and learn more about how you can obtain a forklift licence.

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