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Complete Range Of Production Chemicals

A lot of production chemicals in India are produced by the production of chemicals manufacturers. The production chemicals are utilized throughout the process of production and they should be highly compatible with the products so that fluid formation can be made easy. The production chemicals also help to provide proper pipeline transportation so that equipment life-cycle can be enhanced and the production process can be optimized.

 Following is the complete range of production chemicals:

 -Crude oil flow improvers: These kinds of additives are polymer-based and are designed to properly interfere with the Crystallization process of wax. They ultimately help in modifying the crystal structure of the paraffin which is present in crude oil. The change in the crystal shapes will also help in diminishing the ability of the aggregates to interlock as well as inter-grow which will help in resulting in the lower pour point of the crude.


 -Paraffin/Wax dispersant: These kinds of additives are liquid and are considered to be the organic surface-active chemicals that are utilized in the crude oil so that deposition of the paraffin can be controlled. Oil-soluble and the water-dispersible formulation is also highly effective to remove as well as prevent the paraffin buildup throughout the production equipment. This concept helps to deal with all the challenges throughout the production process and ultimately improve the performance.


 -Asphaltene dispersants: These kinds of additives are stabilized with the help of resins and are also highly maintained in the oil because of the stabilization. It can very well substitute the natural resins as it does not allows the particles to form bigger size molecules and deposit over there. It is highly based upon the polymeric technology that helps to provide multiple anchoring groups side by side chains which are highly compatible with the crude oil.


 -Demulsifier concentrates: These kinds of additives are very much helpful in removing water economically and meeting all the technical requirements of the oil so that further processing can be undertaken very well. These kinds of additives also tend to act on the emulsion with the help of the dropping of the water and coalescence of the water droplets.


 -Corrosion inhibitors: These kinds of additives are very much successful because they get easily absorbed on the metallic surface and ultimately help in enhancing the production process by protecting the metal surface. It helps to form a film over the metal surfaces that will help in giving a certain level of protection to it.


 -H2S scavengers: This kind of additives is very much successful because they tie up the H2S and helps to provide an irreversible reaction that will help to prevent the release. Ultimately it will also help to reduce the corrosion which will provide improved levels of safety to the equipment. These kinds of products are very specifically designed to control the H2S with the help of bubble tower applications and continuous injections into warheads and the transmission lines.


 Hence, production chemical manufacturers help to provide these kinds of products so that pipeline transformation can become easy and the production process can be highly optimized.

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