Decorating a Villa Resort: What you can do with an all-white interior design theme

We can never go wrong with an all-white interior design. White color for the interior creates a huge amount of space and adds highlights to your space. It is also a clean color and a calming one. For villa resorts, aside from blue, a color white can be very ideal. White gives us a peaceful and comforting feeling, perfect for the purpose of a villa resort. In addition, you can mix any color with white. And you’ll not have a major problem with mixing and matching decorations and designs. 

Today, we are going to explore ways of decorating a villa resort with an all-white interior design theme. Without further ado, let’s dive into it. 

  • Modern furniture

White means class and elegance. So, create consistency in this impression by putting on modern furniture that enhances the beauty of an all-white interior design theme. Modern furniture that is made from durable and high-quality materials can bring comfort, and functionality. 

  • Large wall art

Put on large wall art that can be the focal point of the interiors. It can be a famous art from well-known artists, a personal masterpiece, or a personalized one. The colors and the patterns of this wall art you want to put might not be in the same color scheme– it can be different. By doing so, we can create texture to our interior. Also, we can add personality to the style of the interior design of the restaurant. 

  • Wood flooring

Wooden materials are suitable and go perfectly to an all-white theme. This is also a tested and proven technique to avoid dullness in the style we are creating. Wood flooring speaks about durability, strength and effortlessly elegant. 

  • Modern lighting

A restaurant that has good lighting can surely attract guests and customers. Additionally, a restaurant that has a unique interior design theme plus a modern lighting can create a sophisticated atmosphere. We all know that lighting plays a big role in enhancing and improving the style of the room. Therefore, as much as possible, do not settle on one to two lighting fixtures. Illuminate and brighten up each corner of your restaurant and it will surely create an ambiance you have never seen before. 

  • Natural fabrics

The plainness and simplicity characteristic of an all-white theme is noticeable. To avoid a lack of interest in the theme, we should create texture that can spice up the design of the restaurant. One solution is choosing elegant natural fabrics for our decorations such as our handmade cushions. Handmade cushions can be made from stylish fabrics such as velvet, silk and wool. You’ll be amazed on how this kind of fabrics can create something extravagant in your restaurant. Furthermore, natural fabrics refers to fabrics that come from the skin of the animals and plants. This means that they are made in high caliber and quality. The price of this kind of fabrics in the market is quite demanding but it surely is worth it. 

  • Add unique patterns

Talking about handmade cushions, add unique patterns to it to enhance its style and design. With the white color scheme in mind, create simple and clean patterns for handmade cushions. It may be simple but it is elegant and sophisticated to look at. Additionally, it is important to note the pattern for it is the one that makes texture to the room. 

  • Black and white color combination

We have mentioned earlier that the color white has the power to blend in any color. One popular color combination that has white in it is the color combination of black and white. This is a famous characteristic of minimalism that customers won’t just get rid of liking it. Create texture by maximizing the class that black and white can make. Make your handmade cushion in color black while the chairs are white. Or the patterns of your handmade cushion can also be in black and white depending on your preference. 

  • Indoor plants

Lastly, indoor plants supplement the freshness and sanity that color white interior design themes bring. It gives us a breeze of fresh air and a comforting atmosphere. It also complements with the designs and styles of our minimalistic decorations such as patterns of our handmade cushions. Indoor plants, in addition, also give balance and symmetry to the interior design of our restaurant. 

If you want to choose your very own cushion perfect for this all-white interior design theme, then head on to Yorkshire Fabric Shop and purchase various high-quality handmade cushions. 

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