Designing Inside Pages and Premade Cover Design

After you’ve completed all the work involved in writing your book’s manuscript It is important to get help from an expert in getting the perfect cover created, and later making sure that the style of the pages within the book is in line to the goal of the book. I am a huge book-lover in my soul and was since the time I began beginning to learn how to read. I love to go into a book store. I am awed by the scent of the glue and paper that fills their air. I am always amazed by the different designs on sales tables and then I am awestruck to visit my favorite places where the things that I am most interested in are happening and check out the fresh and amazing inside page designs that have been released since my last visit. I am always amazed by the inventiveness of book design, a field that you may think has little space for creativity.

The cover’s design must create a specific sensation that is in line with the purpose in the text. It isn’t advisable to use vivid jewel tones, as in on the front cover of a book that discusses meditation. It’s better to use subtle coloring. When the cover is complete You must think about what emotion you’d like to keep within the pages, too. If the book you self-published is a more classical masterpiece based on deeply spiritual concepts The inside pages could be made of higher-quality paper.

It is advisable to visit a bookstore that is in the same category as where that your book will eventually be and examine your competitors only for the purpose of how the book affects you. Take it into your hands. Find out what kind of paper creates the kind of feeling you’d like your book to create. If you’ve selected the printer, they can offer samples of the paper that are available.

Book Size

Sometimes, a profound message can be found in a small elegantly printed book. These books feature fairly large margins; an additional blank page that is placed before every chapter, and lots of blank space. The fonts read “classical elegance” and their message is a classic spiritual one. Both books fall into the 5 x 7 size category. We recommend you to check this site for the right size of a premade book design.

It’s a good idea to take a look at the principal impact you wish to make on your audience. Each of the main elements such as the cover, inside color paper, font dimensions – must convey the main message to your reader.


Who is going to read your book that you self-published? Selecting the appropriate font for your intended readers is crucial for their aesthetics, readability and also for the needs for your printing. Certain ages could have distinct demands. If your book is targeted mostly to seniors then a bigger font might be recommended. If the book is a children’s one, Oldstyle fonts are mostly employed. The slab serif typeface is extremely clean, easy-to read lines that can assist readers follow the lines easily. Also, a visit to the local bookshop to check out the competition’s quality and the ease of reading ability can help you make the best choice.

You should consider a second typeface for headers as well as the titles of chapters. It should complement the primary font. Your graphic designer can help you in these decisions However, it’s best to have a plan in mind prior to speaking with her.

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