Email still WORKS!

Do you still persist in using email for business purposes? If yes, it is not something strange! Yet most business people check their email inboxes every day and prefer to use email for business instead of unofficial ways of communication like WhatsApp or LinkedIn.

This caused email finder and email testers to be created!


What is an email finder?

Email finder is an automatic gadget that gets a company name or thousands of company names from the client and converts them to company emails in real-time.

Fortunately, I have found the best email finder in the market in case of quality, speed and price. This is Mail-Scraper (! Get in touch with any company you like with the help of Mail-Scraper’semail finder!

It has both a company email finder and a personal email finder. Via its company email finder, it collects company emails from a complete database of emails and online web pages in real-time.

However, the person email finder of Mail-Scraper acts differently. In addition to the company name, it gets the name of the person whose email is needed too. Then it converts them to the person’s emails. It is a professional lead finder.


What is an email tester?

Mail-Scraper’s email finder is only one of its services. It has another perfect and efficient gadget which is known as an email tester, email verifier, email checker, and email validator!

Email tester of Mail-Scraper gets email addresses from the client and checks their accuracy. SMTP verification, DNS lookup, and syntax check are only some of the investigations made on emails.

Email testers are the best way to be connected with target business people via email. You can be sure that your message is sent to the correct company and individual.


My experience of Mail-Scraper!

Once I had a list with over 500 company names and need their contacts, especially their emails.  If I wanted to search the names one by one in Google, it takes a long time and the result is also unreliable!

All company names do not have a website on the first page of Google SERPs! Many of them may have no website at all! This is a difficult job to find them by searching.

Instead, I used Mail-Scraper’s email finder. The excel file of company names was uploaded. After confirming the request, the conversion process was started. Names one after one was converted to company emails fast.

  • It provides both an email finder and email verifier in one integrated website.
  • The result was high quality (98% accuracy rate) and with no error! It was a great and extraordinary experience!
  • Emails were provided in real-time and with no latency. While manual email extraction is very time-consuming, this automatic way saves time significantly.
  • It provides 25 requests free of charge helping us to ensure the quality before purchase.
  • Bulk search allows me to collect the emails of many companies.
  • It has both a company email finder and a personal email extractor.
  • I can use its API endpoint to integrate with my services.
  • I can use its Google chrome plugin to simplify my work.
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