Face-to-face vs Digital Mentoring

Mentoring has steadily become more and more popular in and outside of the workplace. As technology changes and evolves, more people have moved their lives online. While traditional mentorship has been built on in-person, face-to-face connection, this move has changed the way we communicate, connect and mentor.

However, the question remains: what is better? Face-to-face or digital, online Mentoring? While there are benefits to both methods, it is important to understand them so you are able to determine the method that would be best for you and your goals. Here we will discuss the differences and benefits of both of these methods.

Face-To Face Mentoring

As the name describes, face-to-face mentoring is the traditional method of an in-person relationship built on meetings between a mentor and their mentee. This can be done in a number of settings from in an office to over the phone. The key element here is that there has to be a physical presence.  

This allows for meaningful connections that help in building trust, improving one’s ability to communicate and understand body language, and developing relationships. It also allows mentors to better assess the needs, goals and situations of their mentee. 

In addition, these mentorships are usually formal in setting with both individuals coming together for a set amount of time on a regular schedule.

Some benefits of in-person mentorship includes:

  • Trust: In traditional mentoring programs trust is easily fostered and can grow more naturally. This is important as mentees rely on their mentor for advice and insight and is more likely to listen and act upon these newly gained perspectives.
  • Engagement: Mentees can benefit from having their mentor’s full attention and are more likely to pay attention in a face-to-face conversation, further solidifying the mentor-mentee relationship.

Digital/Online Mentoring

By eliminating geographical limitations, the internet has made it easier than ever before to find a mentor with a distinct skillset and experience. Through mentorship platforms, directories and websites people are able to connect with successful mentors based on their needs and goals rather than proximity.

As such, online mentoring is an easy and convenient way to receive the leadership and guidance you need via online platforms, such as Skype and Zoom.

Some benefits of digital mentorship includes:

  • Connectivity: with a wide variety of technologies (phones, computers etc.) mentors and mentees can connect in real-time regardless of the time or location. This access allows mentees to receive guidance and navigate challenging situations as they unfold.
  • Accessibility: Location is one of the biggest hurdles that prevent individuals from getting the guidance they need. Digital mentorship eliminates the need for in-person meetings and can benefit from having access to successful, talented mentors.

Online Mentoring With Ruffle

Offering all the benefits of face-to-face mentoring, digital mentoring also offers accessibility and connectivity that helps to cultivate relationships with mentors you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

Ruffle Mentoring is a comprehensive online platform that connects you with experienced mentors who help guide and support you as you navigate your personal and professional life. Browse their selection of amazing women mentors today!

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