Features of New York Driver License

Features of New York Driver License

Rainbow Printing and Anti-copy Ink Colors

The ID is created with fine color graphics that you can hardly remake using a photo or color copier.

Polycarbonate Material

The License cards are made of a unique polycarbonate material that makes a sound when the owner drops it on a hard surface.

Laser Engraving on Photograph

The photograph gets burned on the background of the card, and it is done in fine-line graphics.

  • Engraving with Tactile Laser

The ID numbers, expiration date, and birthdates, as well as signatures, come in raised lettering that you can feel on the card when you touch it.

  • A Second Photo Burned Clearly

You find a secondary photograph burned into the card with clean, leveled edges, and lesser laser engraving.

  • Varying Wave Patterns

You will find varying text sizes throughout the clear secondary photo window including the name of the license holder.

  • Ultra-violet Light Sighting

There are ultra-violet graphics in front of the card. The NYS, map, the Driver License presence of starbursts in the left, and other fine line graphics can be viewed under UV.

How to get a fake id in New York

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How to make a New York fake id

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How to spot a New York fake id

The current EDL license has “ENHANCED” written in a gold bar just under the “DRIVER LICENSE,” while the previous EDL has a white “ENHANCED” 111 red bar above the “DRIVER LICENSE” line. There is a US flag in both cases, with the US flag at the lower right, a machine-readable zone, and a 20 barcode on the back.

Minor’s License

The Current License is in vertical format with “UNDER 21” under the title, “UNDER 18 UNTIL (date), and “UNDER 12 UNTIL (date)” arranged in the lower-left corner.

The Previous License is in the horizontal format with a red ID number, “UNDER 21,” and date of birth, all vertically stacked at the right side of the photo.


The validation conditions of the Current License include a fine-line back-around, holder’s grayscale image, ghost image with diminishing type, laser-engraved personal data, microprinting, and UV features at the back and front.

What Are the Benefits of A Fake ID

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