File Sharing Best Practices

Are you looking for file share services that will allow you to convert your local filer server into an internet file sharing service? Triofox is the best solution to share files on the internet without any hassle. You can retain the permission control and share files without any issues with the active directory users. Triofox is one of the best solutions to share files online and secure remote access. Businesses have become global these days, and secure remote access and safe file sharing have helped millions of remote workers to work efficiently remotely. The remote access to the network and easy file sharing has facilitated a lot of business during the pandemic.


Turn Local File Server into Internet File Share Server

The mobile workforce of your office needs has to engage in external and internal business activities all the time. The employees have to go out to the customers and show them data sheets and other details remotely. The customers might not visit your office, and the employees may have to go to their location to address the issue. In such cases, they need secure remote access so that they can easily share files with your potential customers easily. The marketing department is also creating documents that they have to save on local servers.

The employees should be able to collaborate well on the local File Share Server, and this is how their productivity will increase. The business applications must run smoothly on local file servers to increase the productivity of the business and the workers. The employees depend on the file servers daily, and they need a way to have safe and secure access to files. The file servers must be converted into sharing servers to allow the mobile workers to work efficiently.


Ease of use

If the application is easy to use then, it will translate into a higher rate of productivity. The Triofox file sharing solution and remote access are easy to use, and the employees will not find it hard to learn how to get remote access to file servers. Triofox has a simple and seamless interface, which means that the users will be able to use the solution without any hassle. The web-based co-editing features allow the employees to work efficiently without any hassle remotely. This helps to enhance the productivity of the business and increase profits. You will have a reduced cost by using the file-sharing services, and VPN might cost you a lot of money.


The set up is also easy, and the configuration process is easy and simple. You will get NTFS permissions without any hassle and can have remote access to the files using any device. If your employees are working remotely, then the file-sharing solution can be the best choice for you. The privacy of your data will be maintained, and you don’t have to worry about your private data getting leaked. It is an on-premise solution and is way better than the traditional file server.

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