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Four Easy Tips for Selling Home Safely in Covid-19

We can understand that selling a home during this global pandemic is extremely challenging for you. Due to Covid-19, the process has gotten more complex and a little bit harder, but still, it is not impossible to sell a home. However, it is a new experience for all people involved in this process (buyers, sellers, and agents) but here are some tips that can smooth this process. For more valuable insight, read and learn from Nobul.


Go Virtual

 Every business is taking advantage of technology during this pandemic so why not the real estate. There are several ways when technology helps you in selling your home. First of all, make a video of your home you want to sell and make it available online. Moreover, you can arrange a virtual tour of your home by using facebook-live or any other app. You can use zoom meetings for this purpose, too, and show the property live to your prospective clients. You just have to set an appointment time and share the necessary links with potential clients through your contacts. You can post zoom meeting IDs or links in different real estate groups too. In this way, prospective clients get connected with you and take a live tour of the property.


Make Technology your Partner

Not only you can arrange virtual tours but review the different offers with your agents by using google hangouts and WebEx without going out. Different software companies are offering free trials for home tours and further processing, so you can take advantage of all these opportunities. Moreover, the sharing of necessary documents and files can be done through different apps. Different states are also allowing exchanging and signing the documents virtually or online. So try to take maximum benefit from these technological apps and online platforms. Look how Sam Zell is doing in business.


Shortlist the Serious Buyers for Personal Meetings

A personal tour of the home is inevitable, and you have to show it to potential clients. You can shortlist the two or more two parties for in-person showings. These parties must have taken the virtual tour of your home and agreed to all your terms. You should also take all preventive measures while showing the home to these parties, keep distancing, and wear masks. Don’t shake hands and touch anybody. Keep sanitizer in your home so that everybody can sanitize themselves before and after the tour.


Use Buying and Selling Apps

Various buying and selling apps are available, so you can take advantage of these apps. You can choose any app according to your need. I came across Nobul, and it was greatly helpful for me during this pandemic. This app helps not only buyers but also sellers and real estate agents. 


Final Thoughts

Different apps and online platforms are making things possible and safe in real estate. So Try to take maximum benefits from all online platforms and technological advancements while selling or buying a home.

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