Get more cannabis customers with Local SEO Marketing

cannabis customers with Local SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing tips for massage centers

Massage centers offer unique experiences, health, relaxation, disconnection, and well-being, with which, if you know how to offer them well, it is possible to get a hole in the sector. In this article, we present the best marketing tips for massage centers that according to experts you should apply in your business to achieve success.


Don’t forget about online marketing

We are in the era of technology and that is why if you are only promoting your message center with the classic business cards and the typical advertisements in the local media, it is normal that no one knows you. If you have a center and offer good services, you have to make yourself known and for this it is essential that you start online seo marketing as soon as possible by creating a web page, adding a blog, and opening an account on the main social networks, which is where they are today. The clients.


Find your target

It is essential that you find your target or target audience to be able to go directly to him with your marketing and achieve efficient communication that really helps you attract customers and make your business known. In this way, by knowing and studying your potential customers, you will know where you should be  (on which social networks, for example) and you will be able to create the best strategy for your messages and communications to be able to target this audience much more efficiently.



On the other hand, as in any sector, experts also recommend specialization to attract cannabis customers. This is interesting because, in addition to getting a much more specific and loyal audience, you will be able to work much more on one type of massage or specific techniques until you come to offer a much more efficient service to your clients. If right now you offer many types of massages but you are clear about which massage is best for you (for example, sports massages), it is essential that you specialize and start directing all your communication actions towards this sector  (in this case, for example, towards the broad field of athletes, including massages for contractures or discharge massages for more intense training periods, for example).


Build the image of your center

take care of your presence on social networks. When you are already clear about the sector in which you want to specialize and the audience you want to address, it is essential that you begin to carefully build the brand image, the image of your business. As we can see in a practical example reviewing massages in couples. Madrid, a center that offers massages for couples with the best guarantees and that has known very well how to position its image,  this is fundamental above all so that people can associate positive values such as professionalism with your business and in this way you can attract more customers. The creation of a web page in which you explain everything you can offer to your clients is key and of course also


Record quality videos

If you want to show a completely transparent profile of your business, we recommend creating quality videos. In the world of massage centers, it is essential that clients know who you are and how you work in the center. To make these videos public, a YouTube account is undoubtedly the best alternative.  We recommend adding interesting content such as different types of stretching so that your clients can complement the center’s treatments at home.


Take care of local SEO

On the other hand, it is essential that you work and take maximum care of the SEO positioning of your website, being able to position yourself among the first keywords of your business searches in your neighborhood, city, or country (depending on the scope you want to give your business). This is essential because when a potential client searches for “massages in X city” and you appear among the first options, you will be gaining customers quickly and safely.


Take care of social networks

On the other hand, as we have already begun to indicate in the previous points, it is also essential that you take maximum care of your social networks. These networks will allow you to get many more clients and will also make many more people talk about you.  If you create quality content, it will be much easier to attract customers and position yourself in the market. Currently, we recommend Facebook for companies, Instagram, and YouTube as the main social networks for your business.


Take advantage of email marketing

On the other hand, once you get customers and want to retain them, or also to attract more customers, it is key to learn how to optimize email marketing.  Think that people who used to go to a masseur usually repeat, and therefore it is key to provide them with that added value that encourages them to continue going to your center every time they need to relax or treat their contractures.


Testimonials are key

Also, at present, testimonials are key to getting (or also losing, if the comments are negative) to attract new customers. Most of us look for companies or services online before going to them to see the evaluations that other users have made of these businesses and therefore if your customers are satisfied it is essential that you ask them to recommend you: with reviews, with videos, etc. Also, do not forget to give these reviews a lot of publicity so that many more people are encouraged to bet on your business.


The importance of the blog

On the other hand, it is also important that you try to add a blog (or video blog, for example) to your business in which you talk about different techniques, treatments, stretching, and in general all those things that can add value to the type of target that you will have previously defined in the first points. Also,  every time you add content, don’t forget to send it to your subscribers by email to keep them updated and remember your business.

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