Gift Ideas 2020: What are the Most Popular Gifts This Year?

Shopping for gifts may take time. Even if it’s for a close family member or a friend, it’s normal for each of person to want to please the recipient. What do they want? Or what can you give that they don’t have yet but would be pleased to receive? Are you picking the right color? Do they need this? Sometimes, you’re stuck between choosing a cute gift and a functional one in that you fill your carts with gift options only to end up not choosing anything in the end. And you’re feeling stressed.

In these quarantine and social distancing times should not stop you from expressing your fond thoughts to people you love. You can still send gifts even if they’re at a distance considering the growing number of online shopping platforms and sites that promised to deliver gifts safely and fast by choosing the right service providing logistics solutions.

Here are some gift ideas that could guide you in gift picking and buying online.

Media streaming sticks and devices

Tired of watching your favorite show or movie on your mobile phone? Streaming sticks are one of the latest wonders in the market that allow you to access streaming services from a mobile device to a widescreen TV, without spending too much money buying a new smart TV. This mini TV dongle is very affordable, but it offers 4K and HDR reception to give you an amplified experience binge-watching your favorites over the weekend.

Iron Skillets and Other Cooking Equipment

Is your friend posting a lot of her cooking on social media? Cooking is a hobby that got very popular since last year. People trying out an interesting recipe they found online as they spend more time indoors and avoiding crowds.

Surprise your friend with very versatile cookware such as an iron skillet. This cooking can be used on a stovetop, in the oven, or on the grill. Have plans to go camping? You can take the iron skillet and use it in re-heating your favorite dish on a campfire. Also, consider Bento Lunch Box sets, versatile wood utensils, knife storage, a slow cooker, or an all-in-one box grater for more options.

An online streaming platform subscription

A one-year online streaming platform subscription is probably one of the most amazing gifts your friend will receive this year. With the absence of cinemas, Hollywood transferred many shows from the big screen to these platforms. The latest movies, live-action films, you name it! You can stream them on your smartphone or smart TV at your own convenience. You have to email the subscription details to your friend to unlock it. Then, the platform will then email them the instructions on how to redeem their chosen plan.


Yes, these are pricey stuff. But who cares. If you send gifts only once a year, AirPods would be the best item to compensate for those months when you have been so concentrated on work and have no spare time for family and friends. This year, AirPods are getting more exciting with the latest upgrades and features such as state-of-the-art noise-cancellation and water-resistant features to guarantee more comfort. Of course, you can always consider lesser expensive options with a lower tier.

Comfortable blankets, beddings and diffusers

Diffusers and aromatherapy are also making some waves in the market as people are trying to find more ways to relax and unwind at home. With this diffuser also comes aromatherapy scents to complete the package. One can choose from popular essential oils, such as lemon, ylang-ylang, Frankincense, and Neroli to satisfy people’s changing moods and needs.

The internet abounds with nice items that you can buy as gifts. However, you only have to choose one or a few items in the quest to make your loved one happy. How to find the perfect gift? This is a perennial question that usually gets more relevant when a significant holiday comes up. Finding the perfect gift requires you to listen to what the recipient said. Maybe, you can ask your family member or friend in advance about what they like.

You can also keep track of gifts that you have previously given and take inspiration from those. If you are on a budget, consider bargain hunting. Take advantage of the big sales and savings that online and physical stores offer. And of course, you can also be creative and make your own gift.

With some DIY instructions and a guide, you can customize the present using recycled or new materials and transform them into something amazing.


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