GMB 3- Learn the most suitable & unsuitable colors for kitchen interiors from Vastu shastra consultant in Kolkata!

Vastu shastra consultant in Kolkata

Vastu shastra consultant in Kolkata agrees that no vastu is complete without the kitchen vastu; let it be residential or commercial. 

While the most crucial aspect of the kitchen vastu is its placement zone, Vastu shastra consultant in Kolkata says that its color plays an important role too.

The colors play a crucial role in overall vastu of any property, especially the interiors walls ( since the exterior walls are usually painted in a single color). It ensures keeping the elements in balance.   

The most suitable colors for kitchen area are that of fire, since it represents the fire element itself. 

So, you can pick any shades that represent the fire color. The suitable color range is from red, pink, orange, purple, etc for painting the kitchen interiors. Among these the light pink is considered as the best. 

Out of the colors as mentioned above, make sure to use the light shades only as it will help boost positive thoughts among the occupants. It also refreshes their mood. 

Dark shades can make your mood gloomy and irritated, which won’t do much good, even if your use the right color. 

It is also necessary to know the unsuitable colors for this zone. Make sure to avoid the ones that represent either water element or space element. 

So the forbidden colors for it will be blue, black, white and grey. Let it be dark or light; refrain from using any shades of these colors. 

Follow the same guidelines even if you are thinking about using tiles or wallpaper in the kitchen interior. 

As a golden rule, remember that these forbidden colors, as listed by Vastu shastra consultant in Kolkata must never be present in the kitchen area. 

To get a detailed report on the suitable colors as per vastu, book an appointment with Pinaki Pal, an expert Vastu shastra consultant in Kolkata today, only at Vaastu Mangaal.

Description- Vastu shastra consultant in Kolkata reveals the most suitable and unsuitable colors for kitchen interiors. 

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