Government MBA Colleges in India

Management courses have become the norm these days but the features of India’s top MBA schools are widely supported by government agencies. Government MBA colleges across India produce the best management graduates and boast that any government college will provide the best return on investment. Students face some dilemmas in choosing their university as IIMs are quite expensive in terms of tuition fees and IITs offering MBAs are often rated below 100% excellence.

MBA courses are quite conventional and fancy in terms of money, although they will add a big twist to everyone’s career graph. It has yet to be decided as an IIM. Either way one has to find the average in some parameters.

The optimal return on investment offered by top B schools in Kolkata can be measured primarily in terms of both the quality and quantity of placements that take place on campus. With the rapid growth of management academies across the country, every second institute cheats 100% of the recruitment numbers. Although government MBA colleges are prestigious and highly lucrative, the best can be easily distinguished by those that lag behind in terms of ‘return on investment’.

IIM-A is one of the oldest government management colleges in India, after IIM-C. It is enjoying a good service to get a place in the number one business school in India. There are very few institutions like the IIM-A that have a penalty on return on investment. The Institute is one of the leading management colleges in the Asia-Pacific region.

Department of Management Studies, University of Delhi. FMS is headquartered in New Delhi

Institute is one of the oldest MBA institutes in India and FMS Delhi is definitely the best choice for ‘Return on Investment’. Unlike the outrageous fees charged by IIM, FMS charges a very good and modest tuition fee and offers one of the best management courses in the country.

NALSAR was established in 1998 under the rule of Andhra Pradesh State. A college that has made its mark in undergraduate and graduate courses. If you are planning to study MBA in Hyderabad, this is one of the best universities in India to rely on. They have a team of experienced faculty from the best MBA colleges in Kolkata and abroad. The course has been changed to update students on the syllabus and syllabus. Different specialties are offered in different cases so that you can choose according to your preference.

Founded in 1973, IIM-B is producing top MBA graduates even at its inception. It is also included in the list of top management institutes in India.

When it comes to financial management, IIM-C is ranked world-class top, as its finance courses are considered some of the best in the world. In addition to being the first government management college established in India, it also became a member of the Global Alliance for Management Education (CEMS).

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) -L located in Lucknow

IIM-L is generally recognized by the Indian Ministry of Human Resources and Development as an institution of excellence. This institute is the fourth IIM established by the Government of India and provides quality education in management.

IIM-I was founded in 1996 and has maintained its brand status since its inception.

This independent institute was established to support the professionalization of India’s foreign trade management policy and export promotion. It has long gained a reputation as one of the great government-supported organizations.

The MDI Gurgaon Campus has been rated as one of the top ten government MBA institutes in India. It was established in 1973 and has a second campus in West Bengal.

Jamnalal Bajaj Institute, Mumbai

Named after industrialist and philanthropist Jamnalal Bajaj, MBA in the Department of Management Studies, University of Bombay. It is widely recognized for its good management programs.

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