Heavy-duty and long-lasting agricultural pipes in India

Almost 75% of the total population live in ruler areas, and their primary source of income is agriculture and cultivation. They have grown wheat rice vegetables to fulfill whole countries need. After a long time of determination, they harvest and earn a tiny amount. Ajay upvc fitting gives them heavy-duty pipes that reduce their cost because our pipes give them long-term performance. Our farmers work hard to fulfill the basic food needs of the country. Ajay agricultural pipes and fulfills farmers’ need and increase their potential by offering the upvc agricultural pipes.

Ajay CPVC Pipes

Ajay CPVC Pipes and Fittings are manufactured from a compound imported from a US-based company, the world leader in compounding technology.

UPVC– Thermoplastic chlorinated polyvinyl chloride is used for hot and cold water lines.

Farmers have needs pipes for the integration of water from one place to another. in this way, we give them pipes that are leakage-proof and works for a long time. We offer them the high quality that meets their needs.


Ajay Greenline is made from an environmentally friendly, lead-free UPVC compound.

The Plumbing system exclusively for cold water plumbing is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and does not allow any bacterial growth. It is ideal for hard water plumbing applications. The UPVC compound is high quality, high strength, and UV stable.

Tube well pipes

Ajay  upvc pipe eradicates and controls free-floating micro-organisms that cause unsightly green water and disease-causing pathogens in both your fresh & saltwater aquariums. These pipes made for agricultures need these pipes are the best gift for farmers.

integration of water pipes

the main issues of farmers to watering the fields are Ajay pipes agriculture pipe fittings that are easy and simple to install and reduce the cost of reinstall. These pipes are for heavy-duty purposes. Our pipes help farmers to work easily without any problem regarding upvc pipes.

Heavy-duty agriculture pipes

Ajay upvc fittings offer farmers the best quality strong pipes that can handle heavy water floating. These pipes are made of solid plastic that give them satisfaction. Low-quality pipes need replacement. In this way, they become an extra cost for farmers. Ajay pipes are made for agricultural needs so that they will be on work for a long time.

 Leakage-proof agricultural pipes.

All our pipes are leakage-proof because we use high-quality material to maneuver agriculture pipes and fitting. Ajay agriculture pipes and fitting is affordable and easy to install. We offer farmers international quality at a low price that handles farmers’ heavy need for waters irrigation.

50years of experience designs

Ajay pipes serving for the last 50years and give farmers the best quality of upvc fittings. Our pipes and fittings are beneficial for farmers because our pipes are best in quality and give farmers long performance. that help full of increasing revenue and decrease cost. We deliver our














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