Here are the Most Difficult Items to Pack for a Move

Moving is a tedious task, with packing as the hardest of the aspects. While packing some house items is as easy as placing them in a sizeable carton, others require more care.

Here are some of the most difficult items to pack and how topack them.


Artworks are some of the most precious items on the house. Whether decorations, family pictures, or art designs, they come with unprecedented value. You never want to lose them given they are mostly pricey and also have sentimental value.

Pack the small pieces of artwork in mirror boxes. You can also place them on small carton boxes then include a cardboard layer. Wooden boxes are compact enough for larger artwork pieces.


Electronics are delicate house items. Most electronics are made with delicate lenses and glasses that can break when mishandled. Some of the electronics to look out for during packing are TVs, laptops, and cameras.

Given the fragile nature of electronics, assess the possibility of breakage during packing. Pack them before the other items. Dismantle all the parts that are possible and keep them in a dedicated bag or carton box. Label the boxes containing the electronics as delicate and request for handling with care.


While furniture might not be as fragile as electronics, they require extra care due to their size. Packing furniture is time-consuming and requires special care. Use bubble wraps to avoid damages on the exteriorof the furniture and clothing on padded areas.

Finding everything you need to pack and move furniture can take you so much time. For faster-moving contact a professional mover. Work with a moving companythat has experts with skills in furniture handling. The experts also have the right tools in case dismantling is necessary.


Most people don’t believe moving plants can be hard. However, given how traumatic moving can be to plants, you need special provisions. Ceramic planters are particularly fragile and require special packaging.

Pack the ceramic pots on compact boxes to limit any hollow movements. Transfer the plants to a plastic vase that won’t break easily. Also, keep the plants at proper temperatures when moving to avoid them dying.


Pets require special treatment when moving. Unlike other items, they are likely to become anxious and irritated with the moving process. To keep them safe ensure you prepare early and keep them away from the main action. Leave them with a neighbor or in the kennel.

The pets also require special moving. Unlike the other items which you place in a box, pets need to be alone. Consider moving them inside your car instead of dumping them on the back of a truck.

Bottom Line

Several fragile household items like piano and aquariums are also difficult to pack and move. Stay attentive at all times when handling the items. Or better, work with a professional moving company with the tips and tricks to pack every home item.

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