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How an Integrated Payment Solution Can Amplify Your Customer Experience?

The era of digitalization has witnessed a boom in the online transaction system. Everything is connected through an online payment mode from purchasing daily essentials, paying wages, and transferring funds. To keep pace with the demand swings, various payment gateway services have now come up to improve customer relations. In such a scenario, asserting oneself as a trustworthy entity is not enough; you need to cater to the customer’s actual needs. Today’s customers prefer an integrated payment platform that does everything; instead of loitering here and there for making a risk-free payment. In this light, let’s try to comprehend how the right kind of payment system can amplify your customer experience.

What is an Integrated Payment Gateway?

The integrated payment gateway also known as a non-hosted payment gateway, use API to connect your business to gateway services. The advantages of an integrated payment gateway include a pleasant payment process and a mobile-friendly experience for your customers so they are not redirected outside your store.

In India, a payment gateway brings complete business solutions both for a merchant and a customer in an online purchase. An all-around payment facility offers easy navigation, payment security, the economy of time, an easy checkout experience, and a lot to mention.

What is Customer Experience?

 A good customer experience is central to business performance. Customer experience is the perception and understanding of a brand upon the interaction between the customer and the business. As a businessman, you need to realize your consumer’s changing behaviors and wants. In the case of online business, if you are providing a bad service, you might lose your customers. Similarly, a good Customer Experience (CE) brings success to a company. Along with many factors, choosing the right kind of payment solution is also very significant to enhance sales.

The Relation between Payment Method and Customer Experience

To relocate your business locus to a higher place, you must ponder how the relationship between a payment platform and user experience leads to betterment in trade. There are ample reasons you should consider choosing an all-in-one payment gateway to carry out a good shopping experience. Let us look at the relationship between a sound payment gateway and a good customer experience.

  • Wide Range of Payment Options: In an integrated payment gateway, you can select your preferred payment option from a wide array of choices. One such platform would be Zaakpay which supports more than a hundred payment options in one place. This type of system is so handy as it serves mobile apps and websites. There is a tailor-made android SDK for a weightless mobile payment experience. A compact payment solution can offer you the freedom to choose suitable payment modes like Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and other prepaid bank transfer options. You can also choose from mobile-friendly payment methods like Net Banking, Mobile Banking, UPI, QR Codes, mobile wallets, and ATMs.
  • Ensures Security: When talking about online money transfer, security comes up as of utmost importance for any customer. A reliable payment gateway like Zaakpay presents the kind of safe services that a sensible customer craves for. Payment details are stored within the business database and are encrypted completely. No third party will ever access transaction history or personal information of any sort. Do not forget to display your website’s SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) on the checkout page for getting customer trust.
  • Saves Time:  When you are to make a transaction, time would be most crucial in a potential buyer’s list. To promote your business, select an integrated platform with high connectivity that saves customer’s time. For example, a renowned payment gateway like Zaakpay, with its lightning-fast payment processing and easy to set up technology, provides seamless onboarding and successful transaction in no time.
  • Avoid Multiple Redirections: After buying something online, a customer is meant to feel disheartened if you face interruption at the final stage of your payment. The customer may lose faith in your service and never come back if the store does not possess a sound payment facility and instead refers to another site. Thus, a complicated network of online payment processing must be abandoned. A single-winged payment solution would be convenient for your customer to complete the deal.
  • Accessibility: A PAN India payment gateway enables a customer to make quick transactions across the nation. No matter where you are, you can complete your purchase with just a click on your smartphone. You can count on your payment gateway that will do all the verifications, notifications and money transfers on the same platform.
  • Easy Checkout Experience: The checkout experience of a customer should always be reliable and straight. If your checkout page does not resemble the business credentials, the customer might worry it is fraudulent. On the other hand, a customized checkout facility helps to create a trustworthy brand value. This, in turn, will increase the number of complete user transactions.
  • Customer Support: A standard payment system would always rely on its excellent customer services across the business to develop business performance. Listening to customer feedback and answering customer queries are essential to providing a good user experience. Zaakpay’s customer care is open 24/7 for both parties if they face any difficulty or simply want to have the transaction details, to eliminate any doubts or suspicions.
  • Familiar Payment Method: Last but certainly not least, to provide a seamless customer experience, the payment method should have a familiar approach. If the customer is facing difficulty finding payment options or other kinds of complex areas, there is a high risk of loss of sales. But an integrated payment solution knows what is to be done to satisfy the online shopper.

To sum up, intelligent customers always look for a clean and speedy method that will enable them to make a successful payment. Also, from the merchant’s perspective, a secure and easy-to-navigate payment direction is needed to attract its consumer for a hassle-free trade. If your payment platform is offering you various services under one umbrella as a customer, your day will end with a happy smile on your face. So, choosing a comprehensive payment solution is integral to your pleasant user experience.

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