How Can I Apply For Indian Business Visa?

During your application process, you will need your business card. If you do not have one, a business letter from your Indian counterpart is sufficient. You will also need to provide your signature and the details of your company. You will need to include the name, address, phone number, and email address of your Indian counterpart. If your Indian counterpart does not have a business card, you can substitute it with the company’s details.

E-Business visa is a multiple entry visa

E-Business visas are double-entry, non-extendable visas that allow a visitor to visit India for up to 180 days. Eligible citizens can obtain two e-Visas per year. These visas do not have an expiry date and are not convertible or extendable. Visitors are required to have sufficient funds to support themselves in India while on the visa. Applicants are required to have an individual passport and a copy of approved business e-Visa India authorization. They are not valid for visiting any protected or restricted areas.

In order to apply for an Indian Business visa, applicants must provide two types of supporting documents: a clear scanned copy of their passport, a letter from the company they represent, and a recent passport-sized photo with a white background. If the e-Visa application is accepted, the applicant will receive an e-mail notification of the approval or denial.

It is issued on a walk-in basis

The Indian Business Visa is an important document that enables you to conduct business in India. It enables you to conduct business transactions in India on a non-immigrant basis. You must apply on a walk-in basis in order to be issued a visa. You should be sure to follow the correct procedures and follow the instructions carefully to get the visa you need. However, if you’re unable to meet the requirements or if your visa application is rejected, you’ll have to leave the country immediately.

The first step to applying for a Business Visa is to make sure you have the right documents and are financially sound. You must also be clear on the kind of business you intend to undertake in India. You cannot operate a money-lending or petty lending business, nor can you be seeking full-time employment. Your company should also adhere to all the rules and regulations governing business in India, including tax liability and dues.

It is available for nationals of 165 countries around the world

An Indian Business Visa is a type of visa for business travelers who wish to do business in India. It is valid for up to one year from the date of approval and is available to nationals of 165 countries. There are several reasons to apply for an Indian Business Visa. Some of them include attending a trade fair or exhibition, setting up a business venture, or delivering a lecture under the Global Initiative for Academic Networks.

The Indian Government has implemented an e-visa facility that is available to citizens of 165 countries. Foreign nationals can apply for an e-visa online and receive the required documentation in a matter of seconds. A valid passport with at least six months’ validity is required. Pakistani nationals are exempted from the e-visa, but should apply for a regular visa at the Indian High Commission in Islamabad. The e-visa scheme also allows foreign nationals to attend educational courses in India and extend their stay up to six months.

It is easier to obtain than regular business visa

There are two types of business visas in India: e-business visas and regular business-visas. Both require a standard passport with a valid six-month validity left. E-business visas are quicker and more convenient to apply for, but are still similar to regular business visas. The main difference is that an e-business visa is only valid for one year. Regular business visas can be obtained five to ten years in advance.


While an Apply for Indian Business Visa is harder to obtain than a regular business-visa, there are several ways to avoid the hassle. One method involves obtaining a research visa. Researchers and professors can obtain research visas by filling out applications. But these visas are highly restrictive, and the time it takes for approval can take up to three months. For this reason, many individuals choose to apply for a Tourist visa instead.

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