How to Buy a Special Star for Your Special Someone

Depth of Love

Naming a star after your loved one is both an exceptional and a romantic thing to do Special. After all, how many people get to have their Name a star at the beautiful skies, right Think of all the special occasions that would be well-remembered because of that special gesture-Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Mothers’ Day, Birthdays, Baptismal Day, or even Christmas! Anniversaries are the main occasion in this respect in which a girl asks for a gift in order to measure the depth of love and to compare whether the love than past years has been increased or decreased.

In short, love needs to be expressed with the passage of time just to ensure that you still love him/her and the person to whom you are showing the feelings is still important for you and will always be the same for you. Gifts are generally given to show love and care for the person.

Elusive Star

For almost three decades now, the International Star Registry has been the most respected organization responsible for the registration of hundreds upon thousands of people who would want to have their own star. Their most common buyers are celebrities who go after special Star Naming Kits which are uniquely made for every individual.

Legally speaking, the star would not really belong to its buyer. The only proof that a specific star has been named after a person is possession of the naming kit itself. The custom kit comes with a certificate made with a special parchment which clearly indicates the name of the person on which the star has been named from, the date and also the precise coordinates of the star.

Along with this parchment are a sky chart (12-by-16 inch) which pinpoints the star’s location in bright red; as well as an astronomy book, and a letter congratulating the buyer for this once-in-a-lifetime decision. After which, the newly-named star will be published and copyrighted in a book. If the gift-giver would want an upgraded version of the certificate, there are also the deluxe and ultimate packages which they could choose from.


There is no guarantee, though, that once the certificate has been given that the name will be recognized by other organizations apart from the International Star Registry. In fact, no astronomical group has ever used the names of stars registered at the ISR.

Technically speaking, the ISR is not there to make star-naming official. As one of the officials at ISR pointed out, it is just the thought of having been named after a star which actually counts and the legality of the act is not a major concern for buyers. This is also why there are more star-naming companies that have started to sprout because, legally, there is nothing wrong with what these online companies are doing.

The procedure is the same. The only difference is in that situation you are purchasing a star while sitting at your home place. The websites will also provide you with the certificates of buying a star in the name of a loved one.

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