How to crack Wordle: Must use first 5 letter words

We have several words that we rely on to improve our word guessing and puzzle-solving skills, and there are some statistically convenient starting words that feature different commonly used characters. Ideally, you’ll use a five-letter word with five distinct and commonly used letters on your first guess, such as “up” or “roast”.

Similarly, you should probably avoid starting daily quizzes like “Copic”, “Q” or “Kajat” – all adopted by Wordle – as they use less common letters in words. English and has repeated vowels.

According to one analysis, the letter E appears most frequently in English words contained in the centralized edition of the Oxford Dictionary, followed by A, R, I, O, T, N and S. “”Anger”,” spot “or” look” consisting of frequently used letters are great choices. There are more English words that start with S than other letters, so a word starting with S is also a good first guess. well. If the words mentioned earlier in this paragraph are completely gray, try using “lurch” or “cloud” for another set of commonly used individual characters.)

If you want a lot of vowels, the word “ouija” has everything but E (and sometimes Y) and is a good place to start, although J is one of the least used letters of the word. English, according to the aforementioned analysis.

For those with little interest in pure optimization, here’s how Polygon’s Wordle players start getting confused every day.

Wordle Tips:  words, tips, and tricks

Wordle is relatively simple. The player must guess a five-letter word in six attempts. That’s it! The game tells you whether your selected characters appear in the words and if they are in the correct positions. If you put the correct letter in the right place, it will be green. A correct letter in the wrong place will be shown in yellow. A letter nowhere in the word looks gray.

Players have all kinds of word techniques to choose their starting sound. ADIEU is common, for testing four tones. (Stats enthusiast Nate Silver calls ADIEU a “terrible first guess.”) Programmer and game designer Tyler Glial explains why the mathematically first word, ROATE, isn’t is the word that I have heard.

ADIEU has become a cliché starter with a subset of Wordle’s tweets about it.

I understand the argument that there are only five vowels here (and sometimes Y), so you don’t have to get rid of them right away. But oh, what can I say, I love knowing the vowels, it helps me narrow down my options. I started with ADIEU, but now I want to start with REGAL, just for E and A info, and see if my favorite consonant is involved. AISLE uses three vowels and two favorite consonants which is also a favorite of mine.

And check out this CNET TikTok, which recommends starting with the ADIEU and then getting in on the story. It’s a one-of-a-kind awesome punch that includes lots of famous characters. The first time I tried it, I was able to use the alphabetical data derived from those assumptions to easily derive the word on the third attempt.

And if you just want to get acquainted with the game or test the techniques, my friend Chad mentioned that there is a playable Wordle archive to practice with.

I asked Wordle creator Josh Wardle (who hangs out with Mike Monopoly and Stacey Scrabble) to share his strategy – I don’t know yet, but if he responds, I will. In the meantime, I asked the CNET staff to share their Wordle techniques and favorite starting words. Hope this gives you a boost or maybe a NUDGE

Frame, grazing, wind, paint, guard, swing, vapes

I aimed for a mix of normal and unusual characters in my first guess. The more common characters are to see if I can make the shape of a word, to get rid of the less common ones – just trying to avoid the heartache of putting four out of five characters and one the last character can be a number of different options.  In my opinion, it is more interesting if you give random ideas and see if you get some leads. -Nicole Clark

Sound, Genre

The first is to drop four vowels at once and the second is because how much fun would it be if you got it on the first try? Disclaimer: Of course, I got this idea from someone on Twitter, but it’s very cool. – Petrana Radulovich


I dropped out of the Wordle helper group last week, but my continuing strategy is to start with a five-letter word with as many vowels as possible to get the general word structure of the day. After all, it’s just a blind guess. – Town sign Egan

Ready, pear, main, touch

Big fan of playing the same word twice. Choose chaos. Peace is Wordle’s goal is not to find the right word in a few turns, but to work in a given space. Words are life. That being said, if I were to decide on words before drinking my coffee, I would default to one of these words that seems to tick the Wheel of Fortune “top letter” boxes. – Matt Patch

Poet, soon, steam, boil, tap, count, wound, steak

I’m on the same boat as everyone else here (hey, “boat” isn’t bad) – I love the challenge of finding a new starting word every day so word dale doesn’t feel like rotten, mechanical. Work. The dot (oh, “dot” is great) is to always hit at least two vowels and a pair of more common consonants without repeating any letters. But I love the feeling of giving a new starting point every day and the feeling of seeing what happens when I try to break the bone key that can fit each lock. – Tasha Robinson

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