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How To Create A First Positive Impression Online

We live in a society where anyone can access your personal information with just a few button clicks. Even before a person has that first date, or before a job interview, or before you move into that new house – it is highly likely that you or the other party will run an online reputation check. Therefore, it would be wise to create a first positive impression online – even before you actually meet, date, or do work for someone that you don’t know.


3 Ways to create a positive impression online

1. Learn how to clear your name from Google

The first thing most people do to learn more about you is run a Google search on your name to see what incriminating information pops up. If incorrect information is listed within the Google search engine, you will have to do the work to have it removed. Google suggests that you first search for the site owner or contact the website’s hosting company to have the information removed from their website.

If this doesn’t work, Google will work with consumers on how to clear your name from Google, and they will remove particular types of information. This includes images of people in fake porn or other intimate personal images. Google may also agree to remove select financial, medical and national ID information from Google if the information violates certain laws, like HIPAA.


2. Remove any outdated mugshots

It is true that mugshots are a public record in the US. But, what about the mugshot of someone who was busted but has been cleared of any criminal charges. In this case, busted mugshots removal can be difficult because some companies post old and outdated mugshots with the intent of extorting money from the person to have them removed.

Often, these websites will require proof that your record has been expunged. And still, you will have to work and plead your case to have the website remove your mugshots. A much easier and faster method is to hire a reputation management service provider that knows all the ins and outs of dealing with these businesses.


3. Clear your name from any cheater site

Ex-lovers, home-wreckers, and vengeful people have discovered a new way to ruin a person’s reputation. Online cheater sites allow anyone to post outright lies, incorrect details, and innocent photos that have been manipulated to appear guilty. If you want to make a first positive impression online – then you must check these websites to make sure no one has sought to incriminate you.

To clear your name from a cheater site can also be difficult when you’re trying to do it by yourself. And to make matters worse, the law is on their side if the site owner does not edit or post themselves. This means they cannot be held accountable for damaging information published by other people.

Keep your online reputation clear by thinking before you post sensitive information. Instead, highlight your accomplishments, hobbies, and work experience to take advantage of the internet as a social community or a tool for professional networking.

To really make a positive first impression online, partner with a service provider that has the expertise and industry knowledge to clear your name from cheater sites, remove any outdated mugshots, and do the hard work it takes to clear negative information associated with your name from Google searches.

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