How to find the right injection molding supplier?

With the wide application of plastic products in all walks of life, plastic mold manufacturers have mushroomed out, and it is necessary to know that manufacturers’ production capacity and technical level directly affect the quality of injection mold products. So how do you find a suitable and satisfactory manufacturer in so many manufacturers? Because of this problem, we will introduce five important matters that need attention when choosing injection molding suppliers. Let’s take a look.

1. Understand the basic situation of injection mold suppliers

Now the Internet is very developed. When judging a supplier, we can first check some basic information of the enterprise on the Internet, such as registered capital, registered years, the credit rating of the enterprise, whether there is a lot of negative word of mouth information, etc., to have a preliminary understanding and screening of the enterprise.

2. Field investigation and visit to injection molding suppliers

After the initial screening and coming to the factory’s production site, you can roughly understand the company’s enterprise-scale, plant area, number of employees, corporate culture, and so on. This information is a further evaluation standard.

3. Understand the production equipment of the injection molding factory

Now the plastic products of size precision demand are higher and higher, which is dependent on the production equipment, one can, even if did not have a good production technology and exquisite personnel tools are also unable to make high-quality products, so at the time of visit need to plastic injection mold factory production workshop evaluate the whole production equipment, This includes early mold production equipment, mold testing equipment, injection production equipment, subsequent oil injection processing equipment and so on, the specific need to consider the brand of equipment, the average service life and so on. Only newer equipment from the big brands can guarantee that products can reach the current level.

4. The overall production team of the injection molding factory

After all, it is not the age of full automation, and the production of any product is still inseparable from the human operation, and so is the injection mold. Therefore, it is necessary to consider and evaluate the whole production team comprehensively.

5. The experience of Injection molding mold 

Rich production experience is also indispensable for a high-quality injection molding factory. Only with rich production experience can a mold factory that has done all kinds of products have solutions in the face of all kinds of production problems.

6. Select suitable suppliers according to the characteristics of the plastic parts

Plastic is one of four engineering materials (iron, steel, wood, cement, and plastic). It is based on high molecular weight synthetic resin as the main component, widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense, and other industries. But plastic, compared with other materials, has unique properties; these properties determine its unique use occasions, processing methods, production technology, etc. How do we choose suppliers for injection molding parts?

① Analyze the positioning of our parts, the specific requirements, and whether there are key parts and special raw material requirements? Including quantity, environmental material, pressure resistance, hardness, and so on.

② The injection molding supplier must have the right injection molding machine, and the right brand and tonnage of injection molding machine are the necessary conditions for making a good product whether the supplier has sufficient design capability and good design software to do mold flow analysis.

③ Is the injection molding supplier capable of designing molds? Is the mold daily maintenance management process perfect?

④ Is the molding supplier’s mold cost appropriate after the mold scheme is determined? (According to different product requirements, a mold plan is very important).

⑤ Does the injection molding supplier have experience manufacturing similar products with similar materials? If there is, it will make the development trial run smoother. Check PPAP and ECN cases.

⑥ Does the supplier have a hazardous waste disposal process? Does it meet environmental requirements?

⑦ Whether the molding supplier has enough capacity, check the scheduling and production. Avoid multiple cooperation, and try to achieve one-stop plastic mold production and production processing. Do not only focus on product design. Ignore plastic mold manufacturing.

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