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How to get Canadian Visa for French and German Citizens

To obtain a Canadian Visa, French and German citizens must meet the requirements listed below. This includes having the required study permit, letter of invitation from someone living in Canada, and a current Antigen test. The results must be no older than 48 hours from the time the journey is scheduled to begin. There are some additional requirements, such as providing details about education and employment, as well as a photograph. To get Canada Visa for French Citizens, process are not much complex.

Study permit required

If you are a German or French citizen, you will need to apply for a Study permit to study in Canada. This special permit is intended for students who have made up their minds that they want to pursue a degree abroad. Hence, you should apply for this permit at least 4-6 months before you begin your university degree program. You can also apply online. But, be sure to check all the requirements carefully and understand them fully.

Before applying for a study permit, you must meet the country’s language requirements. Citizens of Germany and France need to fulfill the language requirements of the European Union to study in Canada. The ETIAS form has strict requirements, which must be met. The applicant must have an IELTS score of 6 or higher, or a Level of Competence Linguistic Canadian (Level 7).

Letter of invitation from someone in Canada

When applying for a visitor visa to Canada, you must submit an invitation letter from someone living in Canada. The letter must be signed by a friend, family member, or business partner who is able to verify the identity of the person who invited you. In addition, the letter must be written in the official language of Canada. If you do not know the local language well, you should ask someone who does.

If you are a citizen of France or Germany, you must submit a letter of invitation to the Canadian immigration office. This letter should be written in good faith and contain only information that is true and believable. It should be addressed to the person you are inviting and should include any promises you have made to them. Once you’ve written the letter, send it to the Canadian Consulate or Embassy. Then you can get Canada Visa for German Citizens.

Antigen test results must be less than 48 hours old at time of (scheduled) start of journey

For US flights, you need to submit proof of an antigen test less than 48 hours old. You must have taken a COVID-19 test within one day prior to departure. Your result must be less than 48 hours old at the scheduled start of your journey. You must also sign an attestation that the test is negative. There are many approved tests, including the US FDA Emergency Use Authorized self-administered test, the rapid PCR test, and antigen or PCR tests approved by your local health authority.

In addition to surveillance, you may want to test for COVID infrequently or for COVID-19 symptoms before traveling to crowded places. However, this can be complicated. In some cases, you may wish to take the test just before you visit an elderly relative or attend a large event. Antigen tests have a high sensitivity, but the results must be less than 48 hours old at the time of your scheduled departure.

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