How To Remove Cloudflare Captcha In Google Chrome?

It happened once, it will never happen again! Cloudflare is a CDN & DDoS protection service that has been used by many big companies like Google (YouTube), Github and Blogger.

As we all know that Captcha is the only way to protect your website from automatic hacking and spamming. But as an open source, Cloudflare doesn’t have any captcha that provides security to your website. The reasons for this are explained below in detail by the founder of Cloudflare Matthew Prince.

“An open CAPTCHA is a magnet for spam and other nefarious activity.”

So what’s the alternative?

Cloudflare offers two different kinds of services, one for free users and the other is paid. So here are some solutions which you can use to solve your purpose.

1- I’m on a Free Plan

As the paid plan has the necessary captcha feature, so just upgrade your account if you have enough money. Otherwise, check out some alternatives listed below!

2- I’m on a Paid Plan

For the paid plan user, you can directly change your default captcha setting of Cloudflare with ReCAPTCHA. Just login to your Cloudflare account and click on captcha settings. Now select ‘recaptcha’ from the list and save changes by clicking on the “Update Settings” button.

Now, you can also install the ‘Cloudflare captcha remove from google chrome extension to save additional time and effort! This cloudflare recaptcha bypass plugin is specially made for the paid users of Cloudflare account. If you want to use this plugin then check out its github repo here. Installation and usage instructions are available in the repo.

3- I’m a Cloudflare Free User and Want to Use ReCAPTCHA

If you’re a free user and want to use Recaptcha then you can also do that easily with Chrome Browser Extension called “Cloudflare Captcha Hack”. Just add this plugin in your chrome browser and visit any website that is using captcha provided by Cloudflare. Now, the plugin will automatically solve it for you! How easy is that?

Another simple solution is to just try this tool, which is also very popular among the cloudflare free users. This was developed by a bounty hunter from Bitcointalk forum who goes with the name Mardix. He has also made a new fork of this tool that works on the latest version of Chrome Browser & Cloudflare! You can check out his new repo here.

4- Many Websites Use Cloudflare, What If I Want to Bypass Captcha Only for My Site?

Ok, so you don’t want to use any third party tool, but still want to bypass captcha for your site only. If yes then in that case you can use ‘Scrapebox’ or you can also try using this script named “Uncaptcha”.

And if these tools are not working then perhaps you’re doing it wrong! Read out this article on cloudflare recaptcha.

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