How To Turn Your Idea Into A Successful Business

You have your Eureka moment when you least expect it. An idea suddenly pops up in your mind, and you lose your sleep over it. The only thing that runs in your mind for the next couple of days is “how to turn your idea into a successful business”.

We recommend reading about Dr Richard Nahas and Tara Bosch to understand their journey into establishing successful businesses.

You generated the idea when you were resting, but you need to be in action to make it successful. There is a method to it.

Follow these steps to turn your idea into a vision and build a successful business around it.

Ask yourself if your idea is just an idea or a solution to some problems

Human minds are idea-generating machines, but not all ideas serve society. To be successful with your idea you need to make a difference with it. Understand how your idea is going to solve existing problems. Do a SWOT analysis and document its strengths and weaknesses.

Research the market and find your competition

You may have come up with a unique idea, but to be sure about it, search the market to see if any similar product or service exists. It will help you understand your competition and potential threat.

We can learn from Dr Richard Nahas, he has worked alongside shamans, gurus, healers and traditional doctors across the globe just to better understand different perspectives on illness and healing.

Consult business strategists and entrepreneurs

You have a great idea, but you may not have the business expertise. Having an idea and running a business are two different things. Therefore, consult the experts in your domain, discuss your concept with other successful entrepreneurs, and hire professionals who can guide you in structuring your idea for a startup.

Create your business plan

A  business plan will help you in shaping your vision and assigning numbers to it. You can project your growth for the next five years, and show the investors the profitability of your idea through a well-drafted business plan.

Build your team

It can be challenging to build a passionate team for your startup. You have to show sustainability and profitability to attract skilled professionals to work with you. Look for people who share your vision and passion. Join hands with those who believe in your idea and support you. You need passionate people to speed up the process. Don’t compromise quality over quantity.

Find investors for your startup

You don’t have to straight away reach out to angel investors and venture capitalists. Look for friends and family members or crowdfunding that poses the least risk and are willing to support your business. Once stable, you can approach venture capitalists who can fund you more money in exchange for some equity.

Promote your startup

Once you have set up the processes and functions, start promoting your idea through various online and offline channels. Create a brand identity and build a strong social media presence. You can hire influencers to promote your brand quickly. Design marketing materials and start using them to create awareness around your brand.

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