If You Love the Thought of Fresh Eggs in the Morning, Buy Some Chickens and Build a Coop

Fresh Eggs If the thought of having fresh natural Uova in the morning is something that makes your mouth water then you may want to consider raising chickens. If you have concerns about where you would keep them then think about building your own chicken coop.

Before you begin you will want to do some reading and research that should help you with the actual mechanics of building the structure. Naturally there are certain considerations you need to know about before building to avoid what may be costly mistakes. Most mistakes usually have something to do with inexperience, such as the position of the windows or feeders. Educating yourself before beginning your project and understanding how they may happen is one way to help avoid them.

Since the positioning of the windows is a common mistake you should learn about those first. Your chickens definitely need natural light so the placement of the windows is essential, you want to put them where they will receive optimum light through the day. If for some reason you do end up making this mistake, don’t panic you can install additional lighting later if necessary Fresh Eggs.

One of the other most common errors is the placement of the feeders; they need to be at least 4 to 6 inches off the ground. If the feeder is positioned too high the smaller chickens may not be able to reach it easily and if they are placed too low it will likely cause a huge mess.

With a little bit of research and patience you should be able to build a coop that will result in healthy and happy chickens.

Keeping chickens at home is a fantastic way not only to enjoy delicious organic eggs but to bring a little of nature to your backyard very easily too. With loads of amazing poultry related information available for you to take advantage of raising chickens has never been more exciting or so simple to do.

To be able to have eggs laid by your own hens is just brilliant, especially when you consider that they contain 1/3 less cholesterol, a quarter less saturated fat and 2/3 more vitamin A than store bought Fresh Eggs and you know that they are going to taste ten times better, they just have to.

Chickens are pretty simple creatures and do not take much looking after, by providing them with warm, safe housing and feeding a balanced diet, you are well on your way to keeping them happy, healthy and in tip-top egg-laying condition, no problem.

Their diet needs to contain plenty of calcium and by providing whole grains and greens (alfafa hay is perfect) you are off to a good start. Also by including bone meal or oyster shell you can increase the calcium intake too. Another useful tip is to make sure that your lovely ladies have access to fine particles of sand or gravel, why? This helps with digestion and increases the amount of nutrients that are made available to them from the food they eat, clever eh?

You do not have to spend a fortune on chicken accommodation for it to be perfect either, it is relatively easy to build a simple DIY chicken coop very cost-effectively without foregoing or compromising on quality at all.

In fact, by purchasing everything that you need from your local DIY store you can guarantee a quality in your finished coop that that will be far superior to anything that something ready-made has to offer, which is just fantastic. Especially as you can pretty much save up to 50% on the price of something that is ready-made too.

I think that maybe one of the reasons that people seem to have really taken a keen interest in having poultry in their backyard is that, we now know that they do not need anywhere near as much space as we first realized Fresh Eggs to keep them more than happy and content (and of course laying tasty organic free range Uova.

For a fun, rewarding experience that the whole family can enjoy and get involved in, keeping chickens at home is something very special. I mean how wonderful to watch nature at its very best on a day-to-day basis in your own backyard. I can guarantee that raising your own chickens will keep you entertained and that has to be something of an unexpected pleasure for everyone too.

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