Indian Visa For Japan and American Citizens

What is the procedure for Indian Visa for Japanese and American citizens? This article explains the procedure for an Indian Visa application. You will be required to submit certain documents and pay a fee in one of 137 currencies. Once the payment is received, you will receive an email confirmation. You will not have to visit the Indian Embassy in person or wait for an Indian Visa stamp on your passport. There are some things you should keep in mind, though.

Documents required

There are various types of Indian Visa for American Citizens and the requirements are different in each one. The business visa is intended for those who want to invest in Japan, participate in conferences and other business activities, and have more than three years of professional experience. The highly skilled professional visa is aimed at foreigners who have expertise in the Japanese industry. The Japanese government is also looking for highly skilled professionals to settle in Japan.

An ordinary passport must be valid for at least half a year, if possible, for entry into India. An ordinary passport, however, must be valid for at least half a year before the date of entry. In addition, the applicant’s passport should contain a photo and a valid date of birth. Depending on the type of Visa, additional details may also be required. In such a case, they can be uploaded later.


The duration of an Indian Visa for Japanese citizens is shorter than for American and British citizens. Usually, a short stay in India ranges from 30 days to 180 days per visit. Besides, there are different categories of Indian Visas that allow Japanese citizens to visit India, including tourist, business, and medical visits. To help you understand the procedure of obtaining an Indian visa, we will discuss some examples of each category and explain how to apply for them.

To obtain an Indian visa for Japan, an applicant must present a valid passport and supporting documents. Applicants must provide proof of financial capability, such as bank statements or a letter from a guarantor. Also, the application must include the details of the purpose of the trip. Once the application is complete, the applicant must submit proof of financial security, such as a bank statement or a guarantor’s letter.

Processing time

If you are a Japanese citizen, you must apply for an Indian Visa in advance to ensure you can travel to India without any problems. The processing time of an Indian visa is generally 3-4 business days, although there are certain cases when it can take as much as four days. You should apply for an electronic India visa if possible, which you can print out and save on your smartphone, as well as carry with you to the airport if you wish to avoid having to visit the embassy or consulate in person.

You should make sure you have all the necessary documentation and information before applying for your Indian Visa. There are certain requirements you must fulfill before your application can be approved, including a Japanese passport. You should also check the processing time before you begin your application. The processing time for an American and Japanese Citizen Indian Visa will vary, depending on the type of Visa that you apply for. Once you’ve paid, you can expect to receive an eVisa confirmation via email.


The Cost of Indian Visa for Japan and American Citizens depends on your purpose of visiting Japan. A single entry or multiple entry tourist visa for Indian citizens costs INR 490 while another national pays INR 1750. Transit visas cost INR 40 for Indian citizens and INR 410 for non-Indian citizens. The cost for each type of visa depends on the purpose of your visit. To get a quote for the visa cost, visit Sky scanner’s Japan travel guide.


Japanese citizens can obtain an e-Visa before traveling to India. To apply for an e-Visa, you must have a valid passport and at least two blank pages for border control authorities to stamp your passport. The validity of an e-Visa is 180 days. You can extend this validity up to 90 days if you visit Japan for business or family visits. An electronic visa for Japan will begin to be issued in 2020.

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